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Scotty Cameron GoLo Putter

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Played in an invite this weekend and the club had the Scotty Cameron GoLo in the proshop for $299.  I had tried that putter several times and liked it.  I was playing a Taylormade Ghost belly putter (which I still like).  So on the Vegas hole I bet $100 two days in a row that I would hit the green figuring I could not lose.  Hit one of two so I got the putter for $200.


For those of you that have not run across it the Vegas hole bet is, bet an amount of money (in this case the max was $300), hit the green and you double your money in pro shop credit.  Miss the green and you get your money in pro shop credit.  Hard to go wrong if you are going to buy something anyway.


A good sign was that Sunday on the first putt on the course with the new putter I hit a 15 footer for a Birdie, can't be a bad sign.

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Cool!  Never heard of that before.  How about some photos of the new putter and maybe a review?

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Here is a photo


Here is a top view

I am not ready for a full review yet.  I do putt on an arc, this club feels very natural with that motion.  I have been on a SAM putt lab and my motion is arc back and straight through.


I had gotten away from using AIMpoint in the beginning of the season and recently got back into it.  The tournament was at an Arthur Hills designed course.  The greens were awesome, very difficult, optically confusing, looks like it breaks left but actually breaks right in some cases.  Aimpoint was the way to go on a course like that.  The last day they ran the greens up to 12 with tough pin placements.  My game in general was not on so I had some tough putts, I had no three putts which I considered good considering some of the lags I had.  That was with the belly putter, I am commenting more on Aimpoint really since I played with the Belly putter.  I liked it, they double cut and rolled them twice so they were running very pure.


I needed to get away from the Belly putter and this seemed like a good opportunity.  I was going to get fit for an Edel but there is no one I know well enough locally to go for a fitting.  Might still do the Edel some day.

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How far away was the green?  I would imagine it couldn't be to close.

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I think the pin was 167.  The greens were very firm and fast, 12 on the stimp .  I estimated it with Aimpoint.  Balls were not sticking for sure.

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