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Ball hits powerline

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A local course I play has a power line that crosses one fairway. Line was there when the course was built and they built around it. On my second shot going into the green my ball struck the line and was deflected, my playing partner said drop another ball and hit again. Long story short, I hit the power line THREE times ! third dropped ball missed power line and landed on green. Was this the correct play ? If this is a stupid question, please be gentle

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At the course I play there is a local rule that if you hit the light post you can drop and hit again.. No limit on number of times.. Check your score card or with the club house and they will know for sure!
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Every course I've played that has power lines crossing (and there are several courses in Fresno with this situation) they all had the same local rule:


If your ball hit the power line you MUST replay the shot without penalty.  You didn't have a choice, even if you liked the result.

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The course should have a local rule on it, requiring you rehit without penalty. You cannot choose. If the local rule is properly worded, according to the cited decision below, you must hit a new ball. If the rule states that you have the option to choose, I can only assume that the rule is not according to the official rules, and consequently not in effect. But I would think that most courses with such a rule has found and used the proper wording.


If they don't have such a rule, you have to play the ball as it lies. Dropping a new ball where you hit from, without there being a rule in effect, means you suffer penalty and distance.


I hit the same line twice from the tee on one hole. The course had the mentioned rule in effect, so I just hit my third and managed to avoid the power line, leaving my ball out there for my second shot.


If you come across a course with power lines in play, but without the rule, you should take it up with the management.




Local Rule for Ball Deflected by Power Line

Q.An overhead power line is so situated that it interferes with the play of a hole. Would it be appropriate for the Committee to make a Local Rule allowing a player whose ball is deflected by this power line the option to replay the stroke, without penalty, if he wishes?

A.No. However, a Local Rule requiring a player to replay the stroke would be acceptable. The following text is suggested:

"If a ball strikes the power line during play of the ____ hole, the stroke is canceled and the player must play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played in accordance with Rule 20-5 (Making Next Stroke from Where Previous Stroke Made)."

In some cases the Committee may wish to include in the Local Rule the towers or poles supporting such lines when the towers or poles are positioned such that they interfere with the play of the hole.

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