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options of what you would do

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Ok so here is you have Ping G25 5 to UW fitted black dot plus 1/2 inch and yellow size grips, currently 15 handicap player.  The plan was to save your pennies and buy wedges next year. Saving pennies went better than expected so you can buy now.  Options you know about. 1. buy G25 SW and LW at the same specs you were fitted for.  2. buy G30 SW and LW at the specs you were fitted for as the club lengths are the same in those two clubs.  3. Get fitted for Tour Gorge wedges for bounce and degree.  4. Go with another brand wedge such as Titlist, Callaway, Cleveland after proper fitting. Hey you can't have all ping in the bag and you kinda like the feel of Mac Daddy's and the titles.  5. Go with something else that you have not yet considered.  Thank you in advance for the advise. 

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I like a matching set, so I would go with the Pings. If I had enough pennies, I'd seriously look into the Edel wedges. You can't underestimate the effect on scoring of your wedges.
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I like my swing weights to all be the same, or as close as possible with all my irons. It's easier if you keep the same brand though out the set. 

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It sounds like you like the MacDaddy 2 wedges... go hit them and see if you really like them... same thing for the Titleist wedges.


You can't go wrong with getting the matching wedges for your irons but why not go and get something different?

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I actually want a Vokey Indigo wedge myself (I love the look), but $145 is too much after I've already spent $800+ on clubs this year. That said, if I knew I wanted two wedges, I don't think I'd care much for getting fitted and getting a couple of clubs I liked the look and feel of. If I had to choose between fitted clubs I kind of liked and non-fitted I really liked, I'd go with that.


If you really like the Mac Daddy or the Vokey a lot, get whichever you feel like you hit best. If you can get them fitted, great, definitely do that (doing so with my clubs made a big difference in the general feel of my golf stance).

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