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Golfing with vertigo

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Hey all!


Well, I somehow developed vertigo recently and it got to a minor stage today where I can walk around for a couple minutes without falling over.  So, I decided to play some golf, since I've been in serious need of it the last 2 weeks or so.  Obviously, I played with a driving cart today, because I'm not walking too far with this condition.


But the game was decent.  Still managed to shoot a 73 from the whites (6300yds, 69.0). I knew going into it, that putting would be the biggest challenge. And it was, I definitely couldn't read putts as well today or manage to get the right speeds because my balance is slightly off.  But the full swing was ok.  I felt loose, and as long as my hips didn't clear too quickly and I'm aimed up correctly, the ball flew well.  I hadn't played in a week or so.  So, I was happy with the results from today.  I can think of a few shots that might've been caused by unbalance. But it's hard to know the extent at which vertigo made a difference.


It could be argued that playing in my condition could be detrimental to my game, but today was about staying loose and having fun, which I did.


Any body else play with vertigo before?

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My wife has vertigo. She doesn't play. It has basically gone away. It was caused by her taking some meds that dried her out.
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I've had a mild form before.  You could use your feet to read putts as with AimPoint.

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