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My quest to establish a single-digit handicap in the next nine(ish) months.

Handicap at start of quest (Jun 1): 14.5

Handicap now: 14.5


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First Match

Alright y’all! The 2021 golf season has already begun, but the first match is on Tuesday. Here’s how it works this year: •There are six teams in our conference, and either one or two teams will advance to regionals. That much is still unclear. •Last year, six players from each team played in matches. This year, only five are playing. I’m playing the 4th seed in our team. My brother unfortunately did not make the starting lineup. It was close, but he missed. •I still don’t know how


dagolfer18 in Golf

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    • It never happened unfortunately. Something came up last minute and we weren’t able to play.
    • Well? How did it turn out? Who has the thinner wallet?
    • Hey Carl... a guy needs all the excuses he can get.  Did your insurance cover your PRP?  It didn't for mine. Good to hear you got back out... I'm biased... I love the game, as infuriating as it can be at times.
    • How are you doing DMM. Still caffeinated I see. 🙃 I did play with a friend from HS on Sunday afternoon. Knee did pretty well. Still hurts when I try to extend it with any resistance, but apparently the PRP injection helped a bit. Climbing into those sand filled craters that I kept finding my stupid ball in was hell. Sad thing is, I par'd 1 & 2 and then went on to shoot 105. At least I have 2 excuses, wind and knee, right?
    • Loser buys the dozen balls, winner buys lunch.  Loser gets one sleeve out of the dozen.  Still a challenge, but keeps everything equal, more or less.  And everyone's a winner... lunch, balls... what could be better?  Winner still gets bragging rights, until the next match.
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