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We Didn't Work on his Downswing




We worked on his backswing. His pivot. Reducing the sway. And a little bit of setup work (the grip is quite a bit stronger - this player may need to reduce the strength eventually, but not now).

This speaks to prioritization. That doesn't always mean fixing the first part of the swing that goes wrong, but often, that's kind of how it feels, because everything after that becomes a compensation.



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A number of my early evolvr lessons were on backswing.  I think I went from a 19.x to a 14 or so before we worked on anything else.  Amazing how many things started going better on the downswing when the backswing improved.  I'm glad I trusted the process, and I'm sure your student feels the same way.

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    • Day 14: Today I practiced three times, each about 10-15 minutes, in the morning, before dinner, and before bed. Each time it was the same thing, swings from A2 to P6 or whatever the club horizontal after impact is. It's extremely frustrating to do this and continue to have a shut club face. I tried presetting at the delivery position, where I _know_ the face is correct, and I still find some way to shut it coming to impact. My belief is that it's excessive arm or forearm rotation that I do without knowing it, but I'm not sure. I need to record some of these swings and look. When I swing in a mirror, I know I do it "correctly," but those aren't real swings where I'm hitting a ball. There is a parasite in there somewhere, and I have to find it.   
    • 😄 My breath is smelling better today...
    • YES! authentic caesar dressing is the best.  To me, it's like making authentic carbonara. 
    • Time for the 2023 NCAA football primer! NCAA College Football Coaches Poll | USA Today Sports The USA TODAY Sports football coaches poll is conducted weekly throughout the NCAA college football regular season. See the Top 25 rankings from the head coaches. Latest recruiting rankings... A few more seasons of this, and ND is back!  2023 Recruit Football Team Rankings In order to create the most comprehensive Team Recruiting Ranking without any notion of bias, 247Sports Team Recruiting Ranking is solely based on the 247Sports Composite Rating. Some updated news, UCLA and USC petitioned and were accepted into the Big10. A shrewd move my both teams. I can understand from the Big10 perspective that in the modern era of college football regionality doesn't matter as much as it use to. The Big10 and the Pac12 has always had a tie through the Rose Bowl. Also, if we are heading towards few, and larger, super conferences then the Big10 is solidifying they will be one of them.  The next domino to fall might be Notre Dame to the Big10. ND's primary TV rights is with NBC, which now has succeeded in getting rights to Big10 games. ESPN has been locked out of Big10 games under the new Big10 media rights deal. Right now, ND needs to spend about $100 million to get out of their contract with the ACC. Teams in the Big10 are reported to get like $65+ million per year in their new TV contract. So, I could see ND easily absorbing that amount.  I try not to be such a romantic about things. I do not mind eliminating regionality to college football. With the now every expanding NIL deals for college football players, restructuring makes sense to me. I think the current 120+ schools for D1 football should be split up into the top 40-50 teams who actually want to spend money on football seriously, versus those that don't. They can still have football, and still play the upper devision, but they can have their own championship.  Only 13 teams have won the BCS championship or college football playoff. If you look at the top 40 teams who are willing to spend money on college football, close to half come from two conferences, the Big10 and the SEC. 
    • I almost forgot there was a food thread. Last night's dinner: Pulled chicken Caesar salad. Lots of garlic and anchovy paste in the dressing. The chicken was barbecued so it had a subtle smokey flavor.
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