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Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury - Part 5



The struggle of not being able to play anymore was tough during the summer of 2015.  I felt pretty helpless about the situation and was not really sure what to do.  I began to slowly unplug golf from my life.  I stopped watching and talking about golf as much as possible. Basically I tried to eliminate anything that would cause me to think about not being able to play golf.  I took a necessary break from posting on this site for a while as well.  There are a few people from TST that continually checked in with me during this time, and I am grateful for that.  They know who they are, and probably don’t feel it necessary for me to mention them by name.  But they should and I hope do know how much I appreciated it.  

I started to look for new ways to keep my mind off golf, stay active and be challenged.  I knew that @iacas played some disc golf, so I started asking him some questions about it.  He recommended a few discs, I picked a couple of them up and took them out to a field to throw.  It was pretty awkward at first but seemed like it could be fun.  I headed to the course about a week later to try and play for the first time.  It was a lot of fun playing disc golf that day, so it was something that I started doing many mornings before work.  I even played in a recreational tournament a couple months into playing and I enjoyed doing that.  It was fun watching how other more experienced players played the game.  As I got better throughout that summer it was fun to learn about all the different ways a disc can be thrown and how they act differently in flight based on the disc design.  Disc golf is very much multi-dimensional and there are so many types of shots you can play.  You can literally have a disc curve in two different directions left and right.  You can sidearm or backhand the same disc for different throws, play skip shots, throw the disc upside down, and you can even get some to flip over enough that it will roll a long way.  It is a lot of fun to watch.

Should I be back on a golf course this spring, I don’t see disc golf ever going away as I have come to enjoy it so much.  It is less frustrating to play in general for me, the rounds are quick, watching a disc fly on a good throw is so cool, it is cheap because most courses are free to play and the average cost of the best discs is only around $15 each(unless you become addicted to buying discs like I am).  J

If you don't know much about disc golf here are some great shots that were caught on film in 2016:



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3 minutes ago, bkuehn1952 said:

Yes, disc golf can be a lot of fun.  I may need to get out there this weekend.  No snow but extremely firm turf!

Yeah, no snow here and temps in the 40s next week, so I think I may have to get out myself.

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