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10 hours ago, iacas said:

I'd challenge that stupid auto body guy's comment. 60%? C'mon…

Yeah. Profiling! :-P

Nothing to see here. Just a mushroom cloud. Move on, move on.



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12 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

When the semi in front of you tips over


I like the wheels rolling by at the end.

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    • Caveat: I’m no doctor and this isn’t medical advice.  I’m dealing with C5-C6 disc herniation here since April. MRI also showed mild herniation in other cervical vertebrae.  Spine surgeon just wants to do simple procedure on me.  He also sent me to physical therapy and they’re shocked I’d consider surgery since I can do most things (not golf) pain free. They see surgery typically for people in more pain than I am in.  Speaking with my general practitioner, he suggested I speak with someone else who does injections, for my own peace of mind. Seems like surgeons wanna do surgery, physical therapists want to do PT. I’ll bet injectors recommend injections. And if I saw a chiropractor, they’d say they could get me back to working order! And the GP carefully avoids telling you what to do, so as not to contradict any specialist.   Thats a summary of where I am anyway. Also for what it’s worth, my physical therapists have done some things after the MRI showed herniation in the discs that have helped: 1. Dry needling, with electrical stimulation of the muscles that have tightened up. 2. Traction on my spine for 10-15min each visit that feels like it alleviates any compression in my cervixal spine. Ive been doing physical therapy since the spring, but once I added those elements after an MRI in December, I finally feel like I’m starting to progress toward pain-free full range of motion in my neck and shoulders. Knock on wood.  Good luck!!!
    • Hi Jon! Just throwing out an idea that has worked for me and head stabilization: Since you wear a ball cap, do swings where you look at some reference point right beyond the edge of the brim of your cap.  Don’t look at the ball. Just focus on that reference point and keep the brim of your cap right there.   My experience is that makes me aware of the 3D head movement as I move my body.  Do it a bunch of times in a row. Exaggerate the body movements but keep that brim focused on the same point.  You don’t even need a club. You can go through the body motions anytime you want. You look like an idiot if someone in the family sees you but hey, not like we don’t look like idiots anyway. Over time, it just became a steady head feel that lasted for me. 
    • Yes this is all true. I just feel Tiger was a more 'amazing' player than Jack ever was. I grew up watching Jack and have always been a big fan of his. Tiger was more explosive, a much better short game player, and well, he just dominated the fields where Jack just stayed smooth and consistent and carved out his victories. Jacks '86 Masters win was spectacular to watch. But again, he was solid and kept cool under pressure and made the shots when he needed to. But Tiger would go out there and just wipe the field clean. Jack never did that. I dunno. Both sides have strong points. Maybe had I been able to watch Jack as an older person I'd have a different perspective (born 1969). But for me, it's Tiger and probably will be for a very long time if not forever.
    • I don't like playing when it is too windy.  With that wind, I wouldn't even bother getting to a course.
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