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We probably all have personal markers that tell us the golf season is approaching.  Our anticipation grows as we tick off the events at foreshadow our return to the course.  Even those lucky players who reside in more temperate climes likely have a seasonal timeline (e.g. if the course is being over-seeded with rye it must be November; if the tourists are arriving, it must be January; if the rye is dying, it must be April).  

The pre-season’s kick-off in our little corner of the Mitten is the annual Michigan Golf Show.  For the past several decades the show has been held in early March.  The arrival of the golf show signals to me that the golf season’s start can’t be far behind.  This year, we are only 4 days away from the show and yet we remain in the icy grip of Winter.

Four weeks ago, Punxsutawney Phil promised us that Spring was just around the corner.  WTF, Phil???  That fat rodent is a liar!!  We have had non-stop snow, ice, rain, wind and cold since he publicly declared Spring was just around the corner.:fkno

In addition to Punxsutawney Phil and the golf show, the are several other signs of golf season approaching.  The first is the blooming of our crocuses.  In our front flowerbed we have several of these perennial flowers.  Because of the southern exposure, those little suckers sometimes pop out in early February.  This year, there is not even a hint of these harbingers of Spring.  They are still under several inches of snow and ice.

Next comes the “clearing of the snow.”  As the days get longer and the sun is higher in the sky, the snow on our front lawn has no chance.  Patches of olive green and tan start to appear and then one morning, the snow is gone. Once the snow and ice clears, the thawing process for the ground can commence.  This year, a look out the window reveals a sea of white, with more being added I as write this.  Not an inch of bare ground is visible.

Finally, as I drive around the area, I keep an eagle eye out for the surest sign that a course is about to open, flag sticks in the holes.  Like golf’s equivalent to daffodils, suddenly a course will be in bloom with brightly colored flags. Of course, in the electronic age there is no need to search for flags; all the courses will email us when they plan to open.  It is not as fun as cruising around but certainly more efficient.

Sadly, there appears to be no let-up for our weather.  The extended forecast is for more of the same: cold & snow. Sooner or later, however, Mother Nature will give us a break from shoveling snow and driving on icy roads.   The magical transformation from Winter to Spring will occur.  We will once again be on the course, a full season will lie ahead, and great things will happen.  I can’t wait.


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Having golfed for almost 9 years in the Northeast and now almost a year in TN, I find in both locations I mark the coming and going with the changing of the clocks.  After the 2nd week in November, even if conditions are favorable, golf is limited by the amount of daylight hours, without even considering the number of warm daylight hours.  To me golf starts next Sunday - going to play 9 or to the range after work will be possible.  No longer trying to fit a round in between 11-4.  I love daylight savings time.

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Yes, I hadn't really thought about the time change but you are right.  Since I have been partially retired for quite some time, the need to play "after work" is not a very pressing issue with me.

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Every time I hear that word, "Anticipation" I think of the Ketchup commercial from a long time ago.


Don't fret according to Accuweather we will have golfing weather near the end of the month



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Here's how my golf off-season generally goes:

  • November: last bit of the golf season. Weather can be really good and you can get some really good golf in. Growing season ends in November here, but you can get a lot of good golf in if you want. If the weather turns south early, not a huge deal because you've just been playing golf for 6 months.
  • December: Worst month of the year for golf, generally. Any snow will shut down courses for a while with low sunlight and short days. Golf is a bonus. There's a bunch of other stuff going on in December, so I don't get too antsy to play.
  • January: Highly variable month. It can be butt cold but also throw in a couple of nice 60 degree, sunny days. Generally, I'm starting to get some golf itch at this point. I'm not necessarily dying to get out on the course, but I definitely want to get to the range.
  • February: It's so close I can taste it. Weather is slowly improving. More sun, less snow, and the days are getting longer. Really wanting to play golf now. Courses will generally be open a decent amount, so I will usually be able to hit and giggle once or twice. Really gearing up for full golf.
  • March: I've suffered long enough. Give me good weather and golf. Even though I'm ready, this can be the worst weather month. We'll go from 70 degrees to snow in 24 hours or less. Handicap season begins. But frequently I can't play until the end of the month. I'm well past antsy to play golf, starting to get the shakes.
  • April: f*** this. Every time I want to play, there's some storm that makes it impossible. My swing is willing. Courses are open and in solid shape, with some winter kill here and there. Assuming you can get out when there's not a storm coming through. I stare out my window at work longingly when it's sunny and 70 out, knowing that the weather on the weekend will bring snow. Postings in the winter depression thread skyrocket. My wife is searching amazon for straightjackets, and I noticed a contractor coming by with some padded wall samples.
  • May: Golf season, finally! Weather is pretty good, and courses are fully open and in good shape now. Hooray! 6 months until November! Wait, only 6 months until November?!?!?!?
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