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Breakfast Egg Round (Scrambled)




What an interesting [partial] round I had last night. It's becoming very typical that I only play 5-6 holes when I go out. The older I get, the less patience I have. I simply could not get off the tee. I only had 1 decent drive on #12 which led to an almost birdie. The interesting part is how often I saved bogey/par when I was basically wasting shots off the tee. The first hole started with a low screamer that went a whopping 71 yards. I followed it with a Hybrid that missed clearing the bunker by a foot or so. Too bad. It would have been pretty nice. I ended up saving a bogey from there. The next hole, I sprayed one way right off the toe of the driver then yanked my next shot into the bunker. I hit a nice shot out of the bunker and barley missed the par putt. Finally on 12, I had a nice drive followed by a decent 3W. I pulled my SW a tad and missed the birdie putt, but I love easy pars. One 13, I hit a pitiful worm killer that hit the red tee marker, popped into the air and landed in front of the tee boxes. From there, I hit a beautiful 7i to 5' and made the putt. At this point, the other players were shaking their heads, but I told them that I wanted to lay up to a comfortable distance. 14 had another pitiful drive followed by a 3w from the rough that went through a tree. Another nice 7i and lipped the par putt. I skipped over to 18 and played sprayed another drive to the right. I followed that with a beautiful 3w short of the green where I yanked a SW, but made a 16' par putt.

I am amazed at how well I scored giving how bad my tee shots were. Hopefully this means that my short game is coming around.


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Damn. Those tee shots look like mine. ... Of course the business of saving par or bogey doesn't happen as much for me and I'm usually on tilt by the fifth hole.

That 13th hole was a bit nuts. You don't often get a chance to hit a second stroke after a big mishit, but excellent way to take advantage of it.

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On 6/27/2019 at 8:51 AM, criley4way said:

Why not hit 3w or hybrid off the tee? Seems like you'd score better

I usually hit my driver very well, but this night, it just wasn't working. As long as most of the holes are on my course, I need to squeeze every yard out of my tee shots I was mostly confused at how I was saving pars/bogeys when wasting a stroke.

2 days after this, I am hitting my driver well and making more bogeys. It's maddening.

screaming homer simpson GIF


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