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Golf Marathon

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I received a call from a business acquaintance last December. Over the years we had played golf together numerous times even with his living in Iowa and me in Michigan.  Despite our age difference (I the elder by close to 30 years) and golf ability gap (his index around 1.0 and mine hovering near 10.0), our shared passion for golf made our friendship natural.

He wanted to know if I was interested in joining him and his father on a golf trip to Reunion Resort near Orlando, FL. They had a group of seven Iowans and I would make it eight.  We would stay at his father’s home on the Nicklaus course at Reunion. The group would prepare all meals in the home, and the cost would be 1/8 of the home’s cleaning fee and food purchases plus golf.  “Yes!”  I was in.

A round trip Detroit/Orlando flight was purchased with accumulated “miles” and I waited for the big day to arrive. In early February I began to receive more information.  Bring $200 as the gambling buy-in, fives and tens, please.  Check!  There was a hot tub so bring a bathing suit. Check!  They had a car service that would bring me to the resort. Check!

I figured the home would be a 4-bedroom house and each of us would share a room. Once I had the address to give to the car service I decided to “Google” the home’s location.  Hmmm … I guess I had the wrong impression about where we would be staying.  The house has 9 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms.  Everyone would have their own bedroom with private bathroom.  Check!!!

Then I received the last item of information.  We would be paying 36 holes of golf each day for 6 days. 216 holes of golf!  What did I get myself into?  The last time I had played 36 holes in a day dated back to 2017.  We played two Newport Cup matches a day for two days followed by a singles match. Back then I thought that was a lot of golf.  Now, almost three years later, I was going to play three Newport Cup’s in the course of 6 days. Bottle of Advil. Check!!!!

The big day arrived and travel to Reunion went smoothly.  The group ranged in age from 29 to 73 and handicaps were 18 to 0.  The competition was divided into two 3-day segments with foursomes in the morning (gross alternate shot) and net stroke play in the afternoon.

Having played or practiced very little since November, I was extremely rusty and put up some horrendous scores the first three days.  My partner saved me in the alternate stroke round robin matches but little else was going right.  The sole positive was one’s handicap was set by the handicap we brought down (9-10 for me) combined with our first three days of scores.  My poor play got me a nice fat “14” for the second 3-day competition.

Fast forwarding to Saturday, the last day, found us on the Nicklaus course at Reunion.  It is the toughest of the three courses and conditions were difficult with a 17-mph wind, gusting to 25.  The course apparently likes to make their front and back hole locations very close to the edge, giving us at most 6 feet of leeway. My front nine was okay with no doubles and a handful of pars.  Then a I seemed to pull things together down the stretch.  I found myself on #18 green with a 15-foot putt for birdie, 4 points (quota game) and the win.  Sigh.  I missed it right by an inch or so finished 2nd.

How did I survive the 218 holes?  First and foremost, Advil.  Two in the morning and two at noon. Next, the foursomes/alternate shot format in the morning did not require the same effort as 18 holes of stroke play. It served as a bit of a break.  Finally, we actually did not play 218 holes.  We were partially rained out on Wednesday and only played 11 holes in the afternoon.  Also, some of the matches only went to the 17th hole and one ended on #15.  I only played 205 holes in six days, not 218.  I managed to win back $190 of my $200 contribution to the pot and made some nice friendships.

If I get a call next December, what will I do?  I will let you know once I complete my physical therapy.😉

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That's a lot of golf in a short time but it sounds like you made it thru OK. What was your favorite course? I think I was in Orlando about the same time (we also got rained out on a Wed). 

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I think the "Palmer" was most playable.  "Watson" has 178 sand bunkers and I think some of the holes are a bit ridiculous from the aspect that any shot slightly off line is headed to a bunker.  "Nicklaus" was the best conditioned of the three but was the most severe.  It would have been more playable if I were able to blast it over the bunkers and then hit a high, soft landing approach.  Then again, my two best scores were on Nicklaus and Watson.

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    • July 6, 2020 – Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Club – 71.0/137 – Blue Tees: 6193 yards Well… I’ve been hovering just above 90 for the past few rounds, but it finally happened… I broke 90!  I shot an 89 on a really difficult course, in a round that was interrupted several times by heavy rain, and took nearly five hours to complete.  I started off with a double bogey on the par five first, but I was over the green in three, and made a fantastic pitch out of the woods to give myself a chance at par, but I left my first putt well short, as the greens weren’t as lightning fast as the starter had told us.  I made up for it on the par three, 160 yard second by rifling a 7-iron right over the pin, and rolled my twenty-footer for birdie just past the hole.  For the day, I only carded three double bogeys, and avoided triples altogether.  I played the four par threes at two over, after being seven over on the same holes last time I played here.  The two pars I made were the result of great tee shots that both looked like they had a chance at going in the hole.  The second par came on the tenth hole, and the blue tees were all the way back with the black tees, playing at a full 170 yards.  I hit seven of fourteen fairways, five GIRs, and was around the green on six other holes, on my way to five pars.  I took 37 putts, but my real improvement has come in my short game.  I may not have managed to get up and down from off the green, but I did a good job of limiting damage to just a bogey. The only negative for the round was that the heads flew off my 6-iron on the sixth hole, and then my 5-iron on the eleventh, so the G30s are in the shop until Friday.  Luckily, the 6-iron held on long enough for the shaft to be vertical, otherwise it would have been in the lake.  Practice is really paying off!  Handicap is down to 22.5.  Going to play River Pines tomorrow. 
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