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My Day at Valhalla



Today was my day at Valhalla. It was pretty chilly. After spending 20 minutes or so on the range with my earmuffs on to stay warm, I realized that it was going to be a rough day. Before @iacas gives me too much grief, the starter said that I was the only smart one out there. Thankfully it started to warm up halfway through the front 9.

I would love to post a link to my round on Game Golf, but my unit would not stay on. I made sure it was charged before I left, so I guess another unit is now a paperweight. Too bad, because I would love to see how far some of my drives were. I was driving the ball so nice today. My irons, short game, and putting were awful. Despite all that, it was a great day.


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4 hours ago, iacas said:

I’ve had the same I one for years. What do you do to them?

What tees did you play?

I don't know. I use it, download the data, charge the battery and put it back in my bag for the next round. 🤷‍♂️

The tees which were sometimes blue and sometimes green. There were little arrows on the card letting you know which one to play for that hole.

My biggest heartbreak was #13, "The Island". I drove the ball to where the arrow is in the pic below before sculling a GW across the green into the hazard. I would love to have that shot back. 😭


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When playing a "Top 100" type course like you did at Valhalla, I also find my driving is very good and the balance of my game not so much.  I suspect that the level tees in great condition help.  Also, many top courses are not so tight as to prevent one from hitting driver and often finding the fairway.  It is when one is hitting the approach or dealing with the results of the approach that things get tough quickly: lots more bunkering, much faster green speeds, tricky slopes.  Also, many top courses require hitting approaches high with some spin, something I know I can't do when faced with a 170+ yard approach.

Still, it sounds like the day was great.  Cool and sunny it much better than we often get this time of year in the Mitten.

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