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JEP Video on "Keeping Your Arms In Front of You"



A video I recorded on a whim today for the two or three kids who missed their session this week in the Junior Elite Program.

P.S. I know your hands/arms don't truly stay in front of your chest, but compared to how far to the side many/most people get their hands/arms, they stay a lot more toward the front than they're keeping them now.


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Good video. I hate how little the hands do since I spent years focusing on my hands. I need to make thousands of reps to erase that stuff, lol 😛 

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When I got back into golf and started getting serious about the game 4-5 years ago I remember seeing a grainy, low production value video (looked like VHS tape quality) of some guy explaining this concept. At the time, it was really mind boggling for what seems like such a simple thing.

One thing that my instructor constantly reminds me about is to not "fake" my turn by moving hands/arms. I'm pretty sure this comes up once a lesson at least. I should probably bookmark this page and mimic the motions in the video as part of my practice.

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