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Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Driver Review



Tour Edge usually puts out quality equipment. The EX9 driver is no exception. The quality of the clubhead design is not matched by many. The aerodynamic crown helps to actually make the clubhead feel that it's going faster than most of the drivers I've swung in the past.

As I've posted in a few different threads, I went through a full bag dynamic fitting. The EX9 was actually not the first driver I hit. I hit the Callaway Great Big Bertha, TaylorMade M1, and the PING G before I hit the EX9. My ball speed was pretty consistent in the mid 140s (lousy smash factor), until I hit the EX9, my dispersion tightened, my ball speed was up and spin was down by nearly 600 rpm, it was a clear choice for me.

The other good thing about this driver, is there are several shaft options available at no extra charge. I also tried the EX9 Tour which is 430cc as opposed to the standard 460cc. which is for better players, looking for a smaller head to help work the ball. 

The adjustable hosel for both drivers can be adjusted to 8 different settings, you can adjust loft +/- 1°, the hosel has 4 standard lie settings, and 4 upright lie settings. The EX9 standard 460cc retails for $300, and the EX9 Tour retails for $400.

Overall, The Exotics drivers in general over the years have been underrated. While they aren't in as high demand or the recogniton as their fairways and hybrids... They are great clubs, that shouldn't be ignored...

Overall I give the EX9 driver a 4.8/5 stars.20160305_194150.jpg


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    • Shot a 44 at the local muni playing with my wife. Nice day. 4/5 driver tee shots were very good. Need to work on my irons. Short game was very good.
    • I love this part!  A good drill that Erik or Mike taught me early on was to start swinging the club back and forth easy and fluid with loose wrists. Gradually increase the grip pressure on the pinky through middle fingers while keeping the wrists loose. You will find you can grip really hard without tightening the wrists. It take a bit of practice, but it is a good way to separate the muscle groups.
    • I get that feel ain’t real. But that doesn’t mean we’re all mindless sheep with no sense of feel at all. Proprioception can be difficult to pinpoint at high speeds but I damn well know that I’m not squeezing the blood outta my grips nor gritting my teeth on my backswing. I come down with the wrath of all that is evil, but my backswing is all about trying to be fluid and loose. 
    • not sure how old they are (shrug)  but i built a combo set of Titleist 690mb's and 716mb...   the 690mb irons i was able to slowly buy here n there, and the irons are basically slightly used or barely used..  the 2 iron i snagged looked brand new lol.....    the only reason i went with 716mb's for the 7-8-9 irons is because those in mint condition are hard to find, for older irons..     i dont ever feel like i am losing out on anything distance wise playing these...     my normal playing set is Titleist 735cm irons and i think they are about 10 years old and still play very nice...  and like my other set, i dont think i am loosing out on anything with this set vs anything new....     
    • For most of the weekend it was a test of patience.  Shot 85 Saturday morning, and everything felt off.  Walked the front twice that afternoon to a pair of 40s and while I still wasn't completely in sync with my driver my game felt controllable. Came out early this afternoon and shot a self imposed 82.  I call it self imposed, because I was basically cruising to a 80-78 when I stepped on the 15th tee and pushed a 5 iron into the pond to the right.  Being annoyed and my first major mistake of the day I obviously looked at the green which set 250 from the drop zone and around a dog leg which is protected by OB for the length of the 250 on the left and thought to myself....I can make that shot.  Well, I almost did....however almost still means OB and OB leads to an 8 instead of a 6 if I'd just used my brain.  From there it was go for broke to try to make up for it and resulted in a double bogey on the last hole.  Obviously I had to play more, I must fix that. Caught fire in the evening shot 34 on the back to pair with the 39 on the front.  73 with 2 birdies and 2 eagles (first time with multiple eagles in a round).  Finally felt like my game was all there.  It'll probably be gone tomorrow.
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