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Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Driver Review

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Tour Edge usually puts out quality equipment. The EX9 driver is no exception. The quality of the clubhead design is not matched by many. The aerodynamic crown helps to actually make the clubhead feel that it's going faster than most of the drivers I've swung in the past.

As I've posted in a few different threads, I went through a full bag dynamic fitting. The EX9 was actually not the first driver I hit. I hit the Callaway Great Big Bertha, TaylorMade M1, and the PING G before I hit the EX9. My ball speed was pretty consistent in the mid 140s (lousy smash factor), until I hit the EX9, my dispersion tightened, my ball speed was up and spin was down by nearly 600 rpm, it was a clear choice for me.

The other good thing about this driver, is there are several shaft options available at no extra charge. I also tried the EX9 Tour which is 430cc as opposed to the standard 460cc. which is for better players, looking for a smaller head to help work the ball. 

The adjustable hosel for both drivers can be adjusted to 8 different settings, you can adjust loft +/- 1°, the hosel has 4 standard lie settings, and 4 upright lie settings. The EX9 standard 460cc retails for $300, and the EX9 Tour retails for $400.

Overall, The Exotics drivers in general over the years have been underrated. While they aren't in as high demand or the recogniton as their fairways and hybrids... They are great clubs, that shouldn't be ignored...

Overall I give the EX9 driver a 4.8/5 stars.20160305_194150.jpg

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