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Knowing I have a long way to go.

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As a 29 year old, who has played this game for nearly 20 years now, I've been steadily getting better at this game over the years.

I actually had a stretch where I was a lower single digit handicap (around a 4 or 5), but I got into a bad car accident, while riding with a friend in 2010. I'm lucky to be alive, but I lost a ton of speed and was out of golf for 8 months. 

When I came back, I struggled to get any kind of distance, and really struggled to score. After 2 years, I finally started to feel well enough, after a bunch of physical therapy to have some speed back. I still was only able to swing 3/4 of the way back...

Toward the middle of 2014, I started to not feel pain with a swing to almost parallel, I couldn't quite get it there, without a jolt of pain, but slowly with more PT I did.

Finally, after 5+ years I am pain-free on the golf course. I can actually make a full swing without getting a jolt of pain.  Even with all the pain and physical therapy, Somehow I carry a 10.1 Handicap Index.

Recently, I realized something. If I want to be a scratch player, I have a long way to go. I need to put in some 5 Simple Keys work. My first two keys are pretty solid, Key #3 I'm working on, with small successes, making good progress on. Keys 4 and 5, I'll have to get down if I want to be scratch.

My putting isn't the worst, when I remember to not look at the result from shorter distance, I'd like to break even on the greens, meaning average the expected number of putts from all distances. My inside 60 yard game is better in the sense, when I'm short sided, I just make sure I get it on the green and have a putt from my next shot. There is very little 2nd greenside shots anymore, I make sure I have a putt for par. I have very very few penalty strokes now, but I seem to have a blow-up hole that kills my momentum... then I'll play a four or five hole stretch in 6 or 7 over, instead of getting over the triple, and refocusing.

I want to thank you all for reading this... and for the friendly atmosphere of the site.



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I want to thank you all for reading this... and for the friendly atmosphere of the site.

Thank you.

The site would not be what it was without good folks like you.

I know in this day and age we can talk about how the Internet is keeping people isolated and alone, but right now while my wife is asleep, I get to read a nice story by a guy I've never met and which makes me feel like I'm a bit closer to you asa  human, when otherwise I'd be reading and/or watching TV.

So again, thank you, Shane.

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There are times when I start second-guessing myself about all the effort I put into getting better. The reward of slight improvement doesn't seem to justify all the effort and minor aches and pains. I'll start wondering what the hell is wrong with me? This must be some sort of weird obsession that only I suffer from.

Then I read a blog or post such as your's and realize, there are a bunch of folks out there who go through far more pain and effort.

It's very cool that you have been able to get back to the level of golf you're currently at. While it may be a bit frustrating after having experienced an even better game, from my perspective playing at a 10 is an impressive accomplishment for someone in perfect health.

I hope you continue to improve. I get the impression you will.

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Whenever I think about being a good player score wise or index wise I go back to The Longs drugs Lpga challenge tournament that they held here in Lincoln ca 10 years ago. It was a low key event at a course I play all the time and shoot 83 76 etc.. There was Grace Park in the lead on the 14th hole par 5 she nailed a 270 yarder she is 5-6 with tree trunks for legs great player. In the same group there was 5-2 skinny white girl I had never seen before,anyway she was 4 under par that day on the 14th hole! Iv'e never been there or at that score. I have a bigger swing I'm more athletic can shoot a nba 3 pointer and run 20 mph,Yet here she is 4 under at a course I play all the time. She knew distances used the right equipment and hit it 240 yards max but straight as an arrow then followed up with hybrids on the green.


This course get's windy but is basically wide open with big greens. They played from the mens white tees and it's something to think about in terms of your handicap and getting to scratch or better.


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