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Introducing Alina to Our Beautiful Game



My daughter Alina is almost 2 and a half, she has a couple of clubs, and she tries to mimic my swing. She kind of holds the club like a long putter (The way she holds it, actually is legal)

I didn't start playing golf until I was 10. Alina has a huge head start on me as she started actually attempting to hit the ball at 15 months. The good thing is she actually is enthusiastic about playing golf with me... but I only take her to hit balls, if she asks me to... Wouldn't want her to do something she didn't want to do, I'm waiting a little bit until she has a little more coordination to try to teach her basic fundamentals. But she's into it, at that is a great thing...0206151733.jpg

Alina at 15 months with her first putter. 


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My experience is sword fights with the plastic clubs early on.  Then putt putt.  Eventually on a par 3 course with a lunch packed for a mid-round picnic.  We would sit under a tree and let everyone else play through. We always played a 2-person scramble.  The biggest draw is the cart.  As soon as they were able to clutch the wheel, I let them drive while I worked the peddles.  Once their legs were long enough, they drove with me hovering.  Never came close to any trouble or accidents but the venues were always safe places.

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both of my kids boy 3 1/2 and girl 2 seem to be showing interest.  I didn't really play until about a year and a half ago.  I hopefully look forward to playing with them in the future if its something they stay interested in.

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    • until recently the longest club in my bag was a 16.5* DI with the same x-stiff shaft as i have in my irons. i like the added heft/stiffness and similar feel to my other long irons because it's easier for me to control, but it's possible i could get more distance with a lighter steel or graphite shaft and eventually i may consider trying that. i think getting a used DI and maybe a couple of used shafts or the same shaft as your hybrid is a good idea. i would also recommend experimenting with your setup. e.g. play around with adding weight to the grip or head to change characteristics to better suit you. 
    • Skill level of the teacher doesn't necessarily matter. What matters is what are his pupils doing? Are they winning? Are they dominating? Or is his "best" pupil some guy who one time played in the U.S Amateur Championship and was cut. Of course this depends on what you want out of the game in the first place. If you're just looking to shoot 90, almost any teacher will do. But it's like anything, if you want to get even marginally good. You need to put the time in. Spend everyday practicing for 30 minutes, + playing on the weekends you'll break 90 relatively quickly.         
    • My irons are Callaway Apex CF16 with the steel X95 stiff shafts and 4 iron is my longest and is pretty consistent. My old 3 hybrid was a Ping G30(19') with the Ping stiff shaft but my miss was a hook,  so I replaced it with a Callaway Apex 3 hybrid (20') with a Kurokage 80Hy stiff shaft that I hit well and it doesn't hook but I can hit a little draw or fade.  My 3w is also a Ping G30 (14.5' adjustable) with the Ping stiff shaft and my miss is a hook
    • Because the relief offered for an embedded ball could allow relief from the position that otherwise caused it to be unplayable.  It’s not simply a matter of unplugging it and replacing it in the original position....
    • I'm surprised nobody advised Harmon has won one PGA Tour event....Some event which was played same week as British Open way back when... The basic question of know how vs execution is applicable to every endeavor. All sports...The best managers of baseball, basketball, football, hockey....etal .....and many business jobs. The best salesman usually is not a good manager. The manager of salesmen was probably not a good salesman.  The concept is relatively true that one skill does not necessarily transition to the other.  There are something like 10,000 scratch golfers in the US. Only 200 or so are playing on tour. The difference between being tour quality and a very good golfer[scratch] is actually much more than most realize. The pinnacle of the pyramid is ridiculously difficult to achieve....even if you are really good.  
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