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Golf Club Hoarder?

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I'm starting to think serious golfers don't live in 900 sq ft. 2 bedroom apartments. But hell, Becky (my wife) says if we every get a 3 bedroom home, we won't be able to have another child, because the extra bedroom would have 30 sets of clubs in it... Don't believe me... Here's a comprehensive list of every club I own. (Not including Becky's one set on Alina's clubs)

Drivers: Tour Edge EX9, XRail, Callaway Steelhead III, Wilson 1200 GE (actually wood).

Fairways: Tour Edge EX9 (4+7), XRail 3 and 4, Wilson 1200 GE 3 and 4.

Hybrids: Adams Pro DHY,  Tour Edge EX9 3h, XRail 3h and 4h.

Iron Sets: Tour Edge EXI (4-PW, AW, SW, I ordered the matching 3-iron), Tour Edge V-Blade (1-PW), Tour Edge Exotics CU (4-PW, AW, SW)

Individual Irons: Tour Edge Exotics CU 6-iron (separate from the set), TechPower ZX-20 2-iron (I built it myself, its kind of a souvenir from the first iron set I built)

Wedges: Tour Edge CB Pro S (54°, 58°), Tour Edge TGS 304 (50°, 54°, 58°)

Putters: Tour Edge DG Tour Series V1.3, Tour Edge Bazooka Geomax 05, Tour Edge Backdraft GT-2, TaylorMade White Smoke (the Daytona looking one), Wilson Augusta, and my "ancient" Ping Zing 2 I found in a second hand shop with the grip in poor poor condition... So I put a SuperStroke Fatso on her and showed her some love.

It might not be as bad as some I've seen but in our small apartment it is.

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Honestly I expected to see more.  Only four drivers?  I realized I had the same problem a couple of years ago so I decided to organize them all into distinct "bags" and buy more clubs to fill out each complete "set" (and tees, balls, gloves, etc.).  Now all my clubs and gear are arranged into six distinct sets that are ready to hit the course at any moment.  This way I figure if I need to pare it down in a hurry I can unload them 14 at a time through craigslist.  Problem is, I can't imagine letting any of the six bags go quite yet!

I also have the TEE CU AW and like it quite a bit.  I'm tempted to pick up the rest of the set but then I'd have to sell another 4-PW to keep things balanced.  For you, how do the CU's rank among your other irons?


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I am the opposite.  Every old set or club typically is given to a relative or friend.  A couple times the old club(s) were current enough to trade in for a credit.  I have a few misc. clubs in the basement but throwing together a complete additional set for a visitor is impossible.

Often items we consider collectible turn out to be worth little down the road.  Things one rarely or never uses should be donated, sold or recycled.


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I typically trade-in extra clubs (once sold extras on eBay), give away extra clubs to my college age nephew or friends, and only keep an extra set of irons, a few extra hybrids because I can't get comfortable with any of them, and a few driver shafts.

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3 complete sets of irons. 

A few spare FW and wedges that are just orphans and driver or two that are moth balled. 

Not too bad in the general scheme of things, but it sure baffles my wife. 

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Wow, I'm embarrassed to say.  Aside from what's in my bag I have 6 sets of irons, including two old sets of Pings and two sets of MacGregor blades.  Have four drivers and 8 or 9 fairway woods.  Have at least 10 putters.  And several misc clubs.  

There are four of my putters that I cycle through the bag.  (The dang things just quit working for me every so often. lol)  And I play a set of MacGregor blades once in a whilemaybe once per summer or so.  The rest of them just sit gathering dust.  Guess I should sell them off, huh? 


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