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Best Website to Order Custom Spec Clubs

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I was fit for clubs this past weekend. The fitter has a huge upcharge for their club building, but I noticed there are a tone of websites (TGW,  Golf USA, Golfio, etc) who build custom sets. Does anyone have any advice as to who is reputable and quick? I'll be traveling starting June 27th and want to have them by then if possible. 

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How custom is the build?  Why not order from any store that sells golf clubs, and have them order from the OEM?

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    • Yes, shopping around pays off.  Calling a course almost always yields a similar or better result than relying on the website or GolfNow (Hot Deals excepted). i was told by a course manager that GolfNow gets 100% of the Hot Deal green fee.  That is the payment they get for running the booking operation.  I decided to not sign up for Hot Deals and call courses more often.
    • July 6, 2020 – Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Club – 71.0/137 – Blue Tees: 6193 yards Well… I’ve been hovering just above 90 for the past few rounds, but it finally happened… I broke 90!  I shot an 89 on a really difficult course, in a round that was interrupted several times by heavy rain, and took nearly five hours to complete.  I started off with a double bogey on the par five first, but I was over the green in three, and made a fantastic pitch out of the woods to give myself a chance at par, but I left my first putt well short, as the greens weren’t as lightning fast as the starter had told us.  I made up for it on the par three, 160 yard second by rifling a 7-iron right over the pin, and rolled my twenty-footer for birdie just past the hole.  For the day, I only carded three double bogeys, and avoided triples altogether.  I played the four par threes at two over, after being seven over on the same holes last time I played here.  The two pars I made were the result of great tee shots that both looked like they had a chance at going in the hole.  The second par came on the tenth hole, and the blue tees were all the way back with the black tees, playing at a full 170 yards.  I hit seven of fourteen fairways, five GIRs, and was around the green on six other holes, on my way to five pars.  I took 37 putts, but my real improvement has come in my short game.  I may not have managed to get up and down from off the green, but I did a good job of limiting damage to just a bogey. The only negative for the round was that the heads flew off my 6-iron on the sixth hole, and then my 5-iron on the eleventh, so the G30s are in the shop until Friday.  Luckily, the 6-iron held on long enough for the shaft to be vertical, otherwise it would have been in the lake.  Practice is really paying off!  Handicap is down to 22.5.  Going to play River Pines tomorrow. 
    • I just picked up the Triple Track 10 putter. I'm not thrilled with the feel of the stock grip. I would like to replace it but I'm not sure if it will affect the performance of the putter. Some of the marketing information talks about weight distribution towards the head and grip.  Anyone have an idea?   Bud
    • Interesting idea. I may play around with that next time. 
    • Day 210 Spent about 5 minutes practicing new putting posture and setup, and another 10 minutes doing an aiming drill with with the new posture/setup. Worked a bit on tempo, or is it rhythm, I get them confused. I was getting a bit too Sung Jae Im like in my takeaway, resulting in a rushed downswing, so working on speeding up the takeaway/backswing, perceived pause at the top, and then downswing. Finished with about 15 minutes of COVID-19 practice plan Day-5 drills with an 8-iron to work on clearing left hip which is a full swing priority piece from my last lesson, and also a superspeed workout.
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