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Wash Your Hands After Using the Restroom!

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I thought I'd post this as where I work, when I go to do my morning thing in the restroom.  I can hear individuals walk in, use the facilities, then just leave.  So please, wash your hands.  I don't know of any argument where you don't wash your hands, just like there's no argument why you shouldn't wear seat belts.

So this goes out to all of you who don't wash your hands.

Let's point out why you should:

  • Every flush throws up matter in the air.  That matter rests on anything nearby.  You touch it, then carry it with you wherever you go.  If you don't believe me, try going without washing your hands and rub your eyes.  Let's see how long it takes for you to get pink eye.
  • Toilets and urinals have back splash.  That back splash can go anywhere.  Those wet spots on the floor, that is not necessarily water.  People step on that and track it everywhere.  This is also why you don't touch the floor.  And this is why you shouldn't let your kids play in the mall playground with their shoes on.
  • Everything is transferred via touch.  Take a sample off your keyboard and see how much bathroom matter is on it.
  • People shake hands all the time.  I would rather fist bump knowing someone didn't wash their hands.  That door handle on the way out is only dirty because of people not washing their hands.
  • Most cleaners will use a mop to clean the floor.  They would also use the same mop to clean off the toilet seat.  This is why I use the protectors.  The toilet may look clean, but you wouldn't want to touch it after knowing they use the same mop that cleaned up an overflowing toilet the other day.

Someone needs to invent a system that can detect this and throw out a warning or set off an alarm that says "Didn't Wash Hands" outside the door.

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