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How Often Do You Change Balls? How Do You Test Golf Balls?

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8 minutes ago, dennyjones said:

I like your optimism.    30 balls in 60 rounds!   

Thanks!  My long game is surprisingly good:  I hit many of my driver shots into a reasonably narrow shot cone (unfortunately, not very far;  I don't think I have ever had a round where I averaged over 210 driving distance, even summer rounds with baked fairways) and, when I've been practicing (lately, quite a bit) I hit my irons and hybrids very well (my Strokes gained/lost approach tends to be well under the 10 handicap level).  And a lot of the courses I play don't have much in the way of aquatic penalty areas. 

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On 7/28/2019 at 1:44 PM, Patch said:

Imagine that. I always was under the imoression the e6 was a 3 piece ball delivered in two models. Soft, and Speed. My bad...I guess. 

As for the e12, I will eventually give it a try.....some day......I guess.

I think the biggest difference in golfers vs golf balls is the golfer's swing speed. There are quite a few amature golfers out there who do not swing their clubs fast enough to take full advantage of today's various ball technology advancements. 

I know I could probably use a brand new range ball and shoot pretty much the same scores I do with my regular gamers. Just dont have that extra zip in my swing I had 10-15 years ago. 

Agree, same.  I used to use tour balls but find that I play better with distance balls that are softer compression.  I do give up a bit of spin around the green on partial shots but I can still get a distance ball to stop just fine on full shots and if I hit it high enough, I can still get it to stop decently without the spin on partial shots.


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I play a bunch of courses in my area but mostly a very hilly, beautiful municipal course 4 minutes from my house.  It has a slope rating of 130 which surprises me as it plays more difficult.  Because it's nice, inexpensive and public, it gets a lot of non-serious golfers who quickly get in over their head.  It also happens to be a slightly wealthy area and usually these golfers will get 3 sleeves of new high end balls at the pro shop.  I'm guessing these last for the front nine.  I say this because I walk the course and the place is littered with really great balls first thing in the morning.  It would be remiss of me not to pick them up and at a minimum, I use them for practice rounds in the morning by myself.

For scoring, I usually play purchased balls and over the years these have been Bridgestone B330's then to Taylomade TP5x, and now to Schnells. 

I do like the Schnell balls (performance and cost) but have to admit some of my best scoring has been done with completely random balls.

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