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A Few Questions About Iron Lofts

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... a clarification to the above is that maybe the launch angle is in fact lower with a stronger loft but the apex is probably very close and with less spin giving more carry.

For the sake of argument, maybe try the Apex 16 and Apex 16 Pros?


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18 hours ago, 70sSanO said:

My understanding is that it has to do with launch angle and not distance.  If a Mfg can achieve a certain launch angle it is a 7 iron, regardless of the actual club loft or the added distance.  Some of the extreme sets may not adhere to this, I don’t know.

And as already noted, with thinner faces and all sorts of trampoline effects built into distance clubs, dispersion may not be as good.

But, it might be worth your while to look into clubs newer than 2007 as technology has improved since then.  There are any number of really good condition used clubs that are a few years old that will cost you a lot less.  Do some research, hit some used clubs that fit your game and go from there.

The only issue with longer irons, is that game improvement might work better for you than players irons, but it may mean getting a look you don’t care for, but they might give you an easier launch and more forgiveness.


yeah, I hate the look of improvement irons, but mostly because i've switched a players iron and I prefer the smaller head behind the ball.  If it was a problem with contact, I would definitely bite the bullet and make the switch, but the way I hit the ball, I dont think much would be gained by switching back to game improvement irons other than maybe a little more forgiveness on off center hits.  The inconsistency I had with long irons existed with my old cavity backs, and continued with my players irons.  It's mostly an issue with the length of the club and the lack of reps I put in with those clubs I figure as 80% of my iron shots are 7-lw/  I hit my longer irons decent at the range, but have a hard time taking it to the course.  oh well

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