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Swing Speed

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Just now, iacas said:

Yeah, really. People are much more likely to make their "practice swing" indoors. Then they get on the golf course and see the fairway way out there, and swing harder/faster.

Course dependent?

I could imagine if you put someone onto a 460 yard par 4 they might think i need to give this everything to try and make a par.

I play courses where if you hit it another 10 yards, youll just be 10 yards further into the trees. My home course has hardly any bailout on some tees.

11 minutes ago, iacas said:

Yeah, really. People are much more likely to make their "practice swing" indoors. Then they get on the golf course and see the fairway way out there, and swing harder/faster.

Get yourself an avatar and some other things too here soon, @DuckhookDenny.

Also, is an avatar needed?

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OT, but I find when most people describe a distance as their “average,” they really mean their typical distance with that club. It’s what they’re expecting to hit. Using their true average for shot se

Faster swings = bigger misses. I guarantee the majority of poor golfers with fast swings aren’t swinging any harder (effort-wise) than you are. They just swing faster than you. The same qu

It was meant as a comparison for outliers. Data points exist on both tails of a bell curve. But since you brought it up, I absolutely believe there is a genetic factor to swinging the club fast.

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1 hour ago, DuckhookDenny said:

Course dependent?


I really think this is the majority position here, too: people swing faster outside on the golf course than inside, in simulators or whatever.

1 hour ago, DuckhookDenny said:

Also, is an avatar needed?


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    • Day 38 (03 Aug 21) - Jumped outside around mid-day just before the afternoon rain was to start to work on the left hand in the grip.  Been way too weak with the left hand of late, seeing too many pushes right.  Worked with the PW, making sure I had a stronger grip in hand before 1/2 swings with the ball.  Know it is not what I have been doing as it was somewhat foreign feeling.    Next step - once it stops raining (forecast has that early next week)  is to take it the range and work more there where I can work on full swings. 
    • I'll let you know how it is next week
    • Regatta Bay is on my list to play next. Don't think you can go wrong with that choice.   Links Sandestin was tight. Luckily my 4-hybrid was flying straight off the tee that day. I think I hit driver on only 2 holes. 
    • I use it all the time. I have two a purple dry erase markers in my bag at all times. (Not sure why I chose purple?) It also helps with strike location and it's a lot less sloppy than spraying foot spray on your club face. I use it on range balls too. By the time the ball stops rolling the dry erase has rubbed off, so the range guys don't mind at all. 
    • Does dry erase marker transfer from the ball to the club well? I’ve drawn on my clubface with dry erase marker and I don’t recall it ending up on the ball. I’m not trying to be a smartass, I’m asking because I don’t know. I’ve always done lie angle tests with a sharpie.
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