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How Noise Sensitive Are You?

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Noise generally doesn't bother me. I don't know how many times I have hit a shot and someone says "sorry about that" (maybe dropping a club or rattling a club in their bag) and I have no idea what they are talking about. Didn't hear it. 

But in the last year, some younger members have started a habit of playing music loudly on their phones during a round. It carries to other holes and I have to admit it really annoys me and I am not alone. There may be a confrontation about it soon. The Golf Committee wants to ban it but they haven't done so yet. 

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I have to laugh sometimes. I play with guys who get driven mad by anyone talking, but there is a field nearby with a bird scarer that sounds like an atom bomb. Strangely enough they have never mentioned the bird scarer

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I also find it interesting the difference in a casual round versus a Tournament.  Tournament rounds tend to have very few or no issues on noise within the group. That is unless you have a person that doesn’t play in many tournaments and doesn’t get it.  I experienced a guy on the very first tee that kept talking.  So I backed off the ball and stared at him.  Then I went and took my stance and he did it again.  So I stopped once more, stared and took two steps towards him. Finally the starter wised up and intervened and said “Quiet on the tee box”.  That’s all it took, he was fine the rest of the day.  He also learned that no one was very chatty on the tee boxes and the green.  Walking and talking was fine.

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Noise doesn’t bother me. Heck, playing in the San Diego area you have military-commercial-general aviation. Life flight, police helicopters, sometimes Cal-Fire too. Then you have ambulance and police sirens and general traffic noises. 
   Then there are the guys that whine when a gnat passes gas

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The only noise that seems to bother me is loud music.  When i can hear it from 3 holes away I feel it is too loud.  In my opinion, if someone wants to play music, wear ear buds so as not to annoy other golfers on the course.

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    • My wife and I walk local courses in the off season.  We gave up doing that, however, if there is more than an inch or two of snow on the ground.  Walking in snow can be tough.
    • Nice thought, but they got the course locked tight until March. Kind of had a bit of that this fall when stuff finally started clicking into place. Remember being giddy hitting an 8I on our long par-4 9th hole. Going to use some stimulus for the range membership next year, so I'll be imagining some really crazy drives until then when the inevitable reality reintroduces itself.  
    • Below are some videos from 1-15-21 and 1-16-21 Both sessions were 95% drills. I did video a slow swing just to see how it would look (last 2 swings).    
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