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61 yrs old,I wear a Mens ML Cadet glove. My hands and fingers are very thick and strong. (My buddy calls them "Bear Paws") lol. I have a dead scaffoid bone in my left hand and arthritis in both.  I picked up "new" used clubs recently after reentering the game. Never had a jumbo driver before so it too me a while to figure out that one reason I was hitting it so well was because it has a midsize grip on it. The "new" set of irons (Old Mizuno MX-20s) had really nice new tacky Tour Wraps on them 4-PW. The 3 still had an OEM grip on it that was very slick. I went to the store and was gong to get a new midsize Velvet Cord on it like the driver has. Then I saw the midsize MCC Plus4 grip, with it's reduced taper, letting my right had relax even more.. I was killing it, high and easier to work with a modicum of control, and I got rid of that occasional killer 40 yd hook.... I got a full set of the grips for the rest of the irons.. I was having a hard time hitting nice soft landing  fades with the short irons. Working beautifully now.

My buddy (wears ML glove) wanted to try my clubs. Now this is a guy who can only hit a ball right, and further right. Even when he wants it to go straight. I was expecting oversize grips to have him hitting boomerangs. No, he was hitting them dead straight or a tiny fade. Counter intuitive, the only thing I can come up with is the reduced grip pressure required is letting him release better. It seems as if everything I "knew" about grip size is wrong. I was always of the school that too small a grip led to hooks, too big a grip led to slices. But as we age, it may be that bigger grips may help all of us simply because we can hold the club with less grip pressure? Any Ideas?

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Grip size doesn't really, IMO and through my studies, actually really affect the "release" or club face.

Get grips sized so that you are comfortable. And watch the swing weight.

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Grip size has more to do with personal preference and the size of your hands than anything else. I like the MCC Plus 4's because I already used to add extra wraps of tape under my grips anyways. I didn't necessarily notice a performance difference between normal and thicker grips (my extra tape or the Plus 4's), it was just more comfortable for me to grip and swing.

I don't say that to discount your experience, because comfort and confidence can make a big difference in your game even if nothing else has changed. I just think that a lot of the marketing claims for the Plus 4 grips, such as lighter grip pressure and a more relaxed release of the club, are just that - marketing claims. I think a lot of people would like or potentially even prefer a slightly larger grip like the Plus 4 provides, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it would necessarily help people's golf games outside of the placebo affect.

That said, definitely try out different grip sizes to see what you personally prefer. I know I like slightly bigger grips, but I know others who prefer standard or undersized grips. What feels best changes from person to person.

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