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Hitting golf hard again, I'm lowering my handicap bit by bit trying to get back to +handicap. Currently at 3,1. Big swing changes because of lower back pain is making me found new stuff that make me think that I can take it to another level. Also bought a home simulator (optishot2) a few months ago, is not that accurate as expensive ones but keep me more time hitting balls at home.

My bag consists in 15 clubs... and of course I always need to leave one club behind but I never figured out witch one.. 

Avg. Carry distances:
Driver 240. (3)Wood 220. (2)Hybrid 205. 4I 190. 5I 180. 6I 170. 7I 160. 8I 150. 9I 140. PW 130. WW 120. 51° 105. 56° 95. 60° 85.
I can easily play by feel below 85 yards with the 60°. Around the green I use WW for chip and run and 60° for everything else.
From greenside bunker I also use WW or 60° depending on the length of the shot.
I'm working on a extra fast swing for the driver to take it to 260 carry while still keeping it in play.

Now to the problem... with 15 clubs i Have all my gaps figured out but well.. picking a club out of the bag is a bit problematic.
60° is out of question, I do magic with it. 
56°/51° are only used from shot in the range 95/105. As a short hitter those clubs are bearly used in a round. An average of 2 shots each. 
WW to 4I are really usefull from the 120/190 yards range that what I normally get from 2nd shots in par 4's and 1st shot in par 3. 
Hybrid Is another club I love and I can use it in Long par 3, 2nd shot on par 5 (moreover from the rough) and also a go to club from the tee when driver put to much trouble into play. 
Wood I can use it from the tee and for 2nd shot into par 5 from fairway, as the wedges not that much use.. around 2 shots each round.
Driver not an option.

I normally cycle around leaving out the 56°,51° or 3 wood. When the course is long I opt to leave out a wedge and when is short the 3 wood.
When I take out the...
56°: I try to hit a soft 51° but is a little bit innacurate either in length and direction.
51°: I try the same but with the WW, because is game improvement type of club and not a wedge is harder to hit a softer shot.
3W: I hit an hybrid instead. From the tee I loose 15 yards or try to hit a soft driver that is not that accurate, on 2nd shots on par 5 I also loose 15 yards or don't reach the green with my hybrid.

I don't know what is worst.. loosing 15 yards on each 3 wood I don't have or missing more greens from 100 yards when I don't have the perfect wedge to hit a full swing to it. thoughts?           

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I have 2 thoughts:

Option 1 is to strengthen the 5 iron to separate a little more from the 6 iron, drop the 4 iron and take some off the hybrid when you need to hit the 190 shot. Grip down, hit a fade, whatever, the 2H is a versatile club. 

Option 2 is to adjust your wedge lofts to get the gapping a little more in the 12-15 yard range and drop one. For instance, weaken the PW to 127, adjust the others to hit 115, 100, 85. 


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    • I will be relieved to finally have our tee times today.  We will see what they will have available but per the last post from @iacas, we spoke a bit yesterday on what we would ideally like the three days to look like.  We are finally getting some rain the past couple days, so hopefully that will help things here a bit.  I have to make the tee times this morning and run to an event, but I will update you all as soon as I can.
    • Okay, I got in 9 holes yesterday, and the GGPro worked pretty well.  I purposely left my phone in my golf bag most of the time, once I determined that everything was connected and data was being collected.  I did need to edit the round this morning.  One full-swing shot was missed, a wedge on #9, and maybe 3 short putts were omitted.  I also had to edit the hole location on most of the holes, which I think is to be expected.  Today I'll be playing an interclub match, so I'll do the same as yesterday, turn it on and ignore it until I get home.
    • Yesterday I got one of the tough ones, Hole 4 at Stoneleigh.  Uphill par-3 playing about 180, real good 5-iron that ended up maybe 4 feet away.  Still 6 more to get.
    • My wife told me to grow the f*** up. Lol. I think a $5 per person net skins pot always a great idea. Just right IMO. Two- man blind draw, Foursome high-low.. all net.
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