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Smaller Hands Grip Size

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2 hours ago, iacas said:

You should update your Member Swing topic with some good slow-mo including a face-on. I looked quickly but mostly saw DTL views.

Will do! but will have to go to a different range for that because of the way the bays are setup at my usual spot ha

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So fun stuff, was tinkering with the revised lead and trail grip when I got home and so far it DEFINITELY feels more solid in motion which was counterintuitive at first since my previous grip felt more solid at address but 'loose' during the swing; we'll see what the range holds for me

what I did notice is that when I take the grip with the club off the ground and then set it down, it becomes more hooded at address so I'll have to be careful about that when setting up

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17 minutes ago, sinik said:

what I did notice is that when I take the grip with the club off the ground and then set it down, it becomes more hooded at address so I'll have to be careful about that when setting up

Because you’re used to letting your left hand get into that weak position.

2 to 2.5 knuckles at address (without moving your head to the left to look at them).

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Everybody is different. I have small hands and short fingers. I use a ML Cadet glove. For years I used an interlocking grip but never really liked it. Overlap grip too uncomfortable for me. Recently I started using a ten finger grip and its working well. I feel much more control.

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    • Decided to go out yesterday afternoon as a solo walker.  I expected to join a group but when I arrived there was no one on the first 3 holes so off I went solo.  Eventually caught a guy and his girlfriend (not good and very slow) but they let me through at the turn. I played brilliantly save for a few shots.  The one fairway I missed was a stroke & distance penalty.  Missed two birdie putts from inside 6 feet.  The 16th & 17th holes have very sloped greens.  While I was on both in regulation, 20 feet away, the result was 3-putt bogeys on each.  Ultimately, I was very happy with my 78 despite the stumbles.  My game has come a long way after being in the dumps for most all of 2021.
    • I broke 90 with an 89 at Oak Run golf course in Dahinda, IL. I'll update on the goals thread and next up is breaking 85.   Thank you!
    • Yes, please identify the place.
    • Depends on the iron fitting. People raise or lower the hand at impact versus address. So static lie angle at address isn’t a consistent indicator as to how it will be at impact. Straighter legs, less knee bend. Not bent over as much at waist. Those two joints and some back rounding  in the upper back all add to how much your chest is facing the ground more or not.   
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