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Joint Replacements and Your Golf Swing


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I have several students who have, some of whom are playing the best golf of their lives. Often the removal of pain or restoration of range of motion/etc. can be a great, great thing.

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I have partial knee replacements in each knee in 2019. My game is just as good if not better than before the surgeries. I really can’t feel or tell any difference in playing other than the knee pain all gone. It was pretty bad before the replacements. Glad I did it. 


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Years ago, my father had a hip replacement. A year or two later he and I won his club's member-guest, thanks in large part to my father's playing. The hip replacement did not slow him down or limit his golf game. What are you looking at? I think most hip replacement surgery is fairly straightforward and the recovery process is not too rigorous. Knees, shoulders, etc ... are not as common and may require more rehab. Ultimately, your physician can probably give you better guidance than my response.

Brian Kuehn

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Hey Brian,

Thanks for your input. I will be having 4 joints done over a period of time.

Knees first then hips and you are correct about MD input, but you guys are golfers!

Again thanks for input



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    • Did this really well. Some rounds were more fun than others, of course. But I can't think of a round where I didn't have fun.  Succeeded with this goal, and then exceeded it. My handicap is now 3.9, and I spent most of the summer as a 4. I was setting new handicap lows all summer, which was awesome. As far as the sub-goals: I think I did 5 minutes of daily practice until April. Not 100% sure if I got into May, but I think I did. I'm too lazy to go back and check. This is definitely a good goal to keep and probably extend. I did good on this as well. I did a lot of putting work throughout the summer, and I generally putted better than I have in the past. I didn't track it, so I'm not 100% sure I met the 50% goal for short game and putting, but I definitely came close. I still like this goal for next year, and I might need to shift it more to short game than putting.  I came really close to this goal, but did not quite get there. GHIN has my average score this year as 80.7. I played 24 times, and broke 80 10 times. I also had multiple rounds in the low 70s. There were times in the summer where I was meeting this goal. That is an improvement, and that's why I got my handicap to new lows. I like this goal for me, and I will try for it again.
    • I remember when I lived in Chicago, Ron Santo used to do commercials for a shoe store.  At the time Ron Santo had no feet. They were amputated due to type one diabetes.  Me giving wedge advice is akin to Ron Santo giving shoe advice.  Lots of places do straight up wedge fittings.  I've heard really good things about Edel's fitting process for wedges. 
    • In addition to the questions @ChetlovesMer asked… I have some issues. So you're going to try to create a new habit, a better swing, then immediately make probably just about as many swings trying to compete/score, which has a good probability of undoing all that you just did by going too fast, too soon? That's how I see that. I'd be much more in favor of dividing up the DAYS, and having one day a week where you do an assessment. And to keep things somewhat fresh, you could do assessments like this: Distance Wedge Wednesday Full Swing Friday Swing Speed Saturday Make Putts Monday (Tried to go for the alliteration there on Monday…). That way you're not just having one straight day of "assessments" (though I could see benefit in that, too).
    • Given, each 4 hour period needs to have things you have to specifically work on. It isn't like, "Oh 4 hours of mindlessly bashing golf balls down range!"  There is some use in bulk practice. 
    • Another idea might be, if you ever gotten fitted for irons, call up the iron shaft company and ask their recommendation? They might know what the correct thing might be, like cutting down an 8 iron shaft, or using their brand of wedge shaft. Maybe call the person who fitted you for irons. 

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