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Keiser Kids to Build Golf Resort Near Denver


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The Keiser kids (their dad built Bandon; they did Sand Valley) are building a new resort outside of Denver:


Sand Valley owners Michael and Chris Keiser's newest project, Rodeo Dunes, has recently taken...

I will be following this with a lot of interest, for obvious reasons. I heard rumblings about a Colorado project like that while I was at Bandon. This is about an hour from my house. The article says it’s dunescape, but that area is pretty flat, and I’m not aware of any sandy soil there. But I’m sure I just don’t know exactly where this is. 

It will be a very accessible destination. This is withon 45 minutes of the Denver airport, so way easier than Sand Valley or Bandon. 

I would love to have a world class resort near Denver. Denver has a lot of great courses, but no singular public course that is a must play. If this resort is good enough, a Denver golf trip is something that’s going to be very attractive for people.

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Finally a reason to visit CO. 😉

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    • Thanks @iacas. Yeah, all that stuff is not core. Hitting the ball and how it reacts/flies is literally the game. Every shot. You are likely to shoot different scores playing a ball that flies longer/shorter like you would playing different tees.  OTOH, you get the same differential if you ride a cart vs. walk. Same differential whether you use a rangefinder or use course markers/step it off. It's not true bifurcation. 
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    • It's not the same, Hunter. This is more equivalent to saying "Hey, amateurs, you can putt to a 6-inch hole" or "ams, you get to carry 18 clubs." Using a rangefinder (which they still allow in the PGA Championship, and which caddies use pre-tournament to make sure their yardage books are accurate), using a cart (Champions Tour, Tiger and/or Casey Martin, John Daly, ALL players at the Tournament of Champions between about six of the 18 holes…), etc. are not super fundamental to actually playing a shot. You play a shot with yourself, on the course, to a hole… with a club and a ball. None of the things you cited are involved directly in that. The ball, the club… the size of the hole… stuff like that is directly involved. So, again, they're not the same at all.
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