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Been out of the game for a while and am starting to play regularly again. I used to play my best when I kept relatively detailed stats about each round and wanted to start doing so again but I cannot figure out a way to get the old version of Scorecard 2 to work on my Mac (somehow I still have my license file though). Last time I used the software was back in 2013 I think. 

I have tried to search my way through the forums to find what people are using, but most I have been able to find direct me back to posts about Scorecard in the 2009-2012 range.

What software is everyone using to track their stats? I loved how simple it was to keep track of details on my physical scorecard and then enter them quickly when I got home, so something similar would be great.

Thank you in advance!

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Stroke gained data is the best way to know the weakest areas in your game for you level or against a tour pro. There are several apps that can track that for you or you can also do it in a spreadsheet.  

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If you are just looking for basic stats, the GHIN app works well. If you want something more advanced, you should check out ShotScope. Here's a link to the thread on that:


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