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Anyone Have MGI Navigator AT?

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18 minutes ago, 11bravoveteran said:

Looking at getting one of these through Costco and play a real hilly course. Thoughts on this one or even the ai gps version? 

You're a former grunt. Carry your clubs they are lighter than any thing you've humped before. 🙂

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Haha this is true, but I’ll be 53 this year and was thinking man it would be nice not to have to carry or push this cart uphill during the humid summer in Kentucky. 
Hey at least I’m still walking the course! ;-)

I did go on a long hike yesterday at red river gorge with just a backpack, it was nice not carrying a m16/203 grenade launcher and ammo.. sorta 

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I have an AT and love it. It's fine with hills so long as you have the stabilizer wheel extended. On really steep hills, I hold the handle just to be sure. I have tipped it over a couple of times, but those are few and far between and have been caused by depressions in the ground, where the cart tips forwards into it and then immediately flips backwards again on the way out of it. That gives it a bunch of momentum that can topple it over. Other than that it's been great. It can quite happily manage the hills on 15 and 18 on Bethpage Black. Those are pretty steep. 

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