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"7 Laws of the Golf Swing" by Nick Bradley

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This is a great book that describes the modern (rotary) golf swing. It is full of fancy pictures for those of you like me that are visual learners.
Despite its many great sections, I think you will also need another more detailed book and internet tips to revamp your swing. (e.g. I am using Jim Suttie's book with this).

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This book might be 10 years old or so but it contains wisdom for the ages. Truly cannot say enough good things about the verbal and visual explanations of the entire golf swing, ground up. Now, I've only read about 10 instruction books in my golfing time but this

one is the best.

First, he has just about the best description and best illustration of the grip that I have ever seen.  The 7 laws are presented in the kind of sequence that makes common sense, and some of the more difficult to understand moves are explained expertly. I found myself rushing out to the range just to try one of the drills that he explains would help me to

get my body in sync with my hands at impact.  Tried the drill and immediately saw results.  Of course long term implementation takes a long term, but still it's magical

to see some kind of positive results so soon.

Bradley has a wry British sense of humor, which helps offset his very direct manner of describing his way as the way.  Could be off putting to some but to me that showed he

was a believer, which to me is critical if I"m going to follow a swing guru.

If you buy one golf instruction book, buy this one.  Many times famous pro golfers will

come out with their instruction book but I have to say that almost as many times there are big errors in their explanations.  Frequently they do not do as they say they do, videos prove it, and just as frequently they cannot put into words (so we mortals can

understand and practice it) how to get there.

So, hats off to Bradley!

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This is one of the best if not the best golf instructional book I've ever read infact when I'm going through a bad patch playing wise I re-read certain sections and it gets me back on track via some of the visual learning prompts great read must read

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Great book.  The brilliant images really help to get the message across. Highly recommend it.

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    • You put on quite a show the final two days.  Fun to watch man.  You found your long game and were putting to one of those oversized holes I think!    I just wish my long game would have been settled enough to give you a closer match.  I had a blast, learned a lot and enjoyed competitive golf for once.   It was great to play with you and learn from you @NCGolfer.  I truly enjoyed our pairings.  Hopefully I was not too much of a distraction out there with my long game struggles.    Thanks for being a good sport about it if anyway.   I really enjoyed playing with @bkuehn1952 as well.  I had a very tough first nine out there but Brian kept things positive and we battled through it.  We played much more competitively the second time out as shown in Drew's scorecard post.  We found a way to make our abilities work together, and it was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed meeting everyone else and a lot of the guys I have not had a chance to yet.  I want to mention @jsgolfer who was my roommate and our MVP.  I wish I was able to see Jerry play more.  What I did see was a treat to watch.  He is also one of the most kind and considerate people I have met in a long time.  A true class act.   Yellow ball or white ball I take responsibility for my shots out there no matter how much weight was on each individual one.  I had a 10' putt or so for a half point on the front Saturday that I lipped out after I thought I put a great stroke on it.  I should have put that one in.  I sure hit some bad ones off the tee and I am just thankful that I did not cost my team the cup.   Finally I just wanted to say one more time, thank you to @iacas and @mvmac.  I know that this was a lot of work for you organizing and making this a truly special experience for us all.  I hope everyone who was there could see how much work this must have been for them and how it was done to give an incredible experience to the participants.  Thank you guys so much!  
    • Finally again a (really) good tournament from Joost. Battling for victory until the final hole, coming up one shot short against Garcia to get a second place. Which raises him right back into the top 100 of the OWGR. Hopefully a good finish of the season in The Final Series, good points and money to earn there.
    • My answer depends on what you mean by "manage on the course."   I have a bag full of swing thoughts, because I have made the same mistakes so many times and corrected things so many times.  It's like a bag full of clubs.  I carry them around with me but I only use one at most when I'm addressing my shot.  But which one it is depends on what happened on the last shot or sometime in the recent past.  Then there are the times I have no swing thought at all, but hit a great shot.  But definitely I cannot have more than one swing thought in my head when I'm about to hit a shot. 
    • I voted 4 and 0, not based on the definitions you provided,  but based on your vote (9 and 1), and how I would compare my game to yours.   I think if you hit a solid shot 9 out of 10 times, then I should say I hit that kind of shot 4 out of 10 times.   I believe you would define "sweet spot" as much much smaller and more elusive than I would, but we have to agree on a definition, so taking your definition, which is really, "a spot you hit 1 out of 10 times," then I should say less than that.  So I said 0. 
    • I've been trying to get all the stuff J.C. talks about, but it's' tough. On a more serious note, I try to limit it to one or two.
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