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Iron Comparisons (3dx, A3, BH-5)

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I've been eyeballing some slimmer irons to replace my Slazenger Volkswagon-on-a-Stick models. I'm trying to keep the budget under 200, and I'm left-handed, so my range of available irons to hit has been decidedly limited.

There's a set of Adams A3's with prolaunch reds in the hybrids that I've been a bit impressed by -- I've visited them a few times since they showed up on the used shelf. Primarily, I like the hybrids in the set. Around 220 with moderate wear... I might be tempted to just try to find a new set if I lean toward the model.

Nickent 3dX Hybrid Iron combo set... I've seen a batch of these on sale for in the 160 range new. Local store only carries them in right handed models, but I like the look and feel of the irons (No hybrids in the local set for me to eyeball). I kind of like the loft progression with this set, as the 44* 10i and 48* pw seems to blend well into my current 52*/58* wedge set.

Ben Hogan BH-5 (Offset). I hit these quite a bit better than the adams set, I was surprised to find. Unfortunately, I still would need to learn to adjust to the offset -- I tend to pull/hook more than I tend to slice, so adding offset just seems to make it worse. Could make solid contact, though.

So -- Any contrast/compare experience with these sets? Or something similar I have overlooked in my browsing? I still need plenty of forgiveness, but my tendency to hook is usually exacerbated by strongly offset irons.

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