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My Swing (Kieran123)

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One of my buddies has the Vison Track. It definitely will help you swing more in-to-out and help reduce the OTT move. I'd get that as it isn't an expensive training aid. And it will give you immediate feedback as it will help you visualize the proper path. And when you hit it clean, by tracing the proper path, you'll see the desired results. In fact I'm going to buy one and add it to my 'indoor swing den'.
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The takaway is fine, its the down swing. In this first pic on the down swing the club head is way to far outside. Look at tigers this is where it should be. "This is when the club is parallel t

Here's some general advice that applies to a lot of things for people who know how their swing should look (you can clearly see the look of swinging well to the left in your video): exaggerate the

Swinging to the right is something I constantly need to work on. I've tried a lot of feels to flatten out my shaft and get the club head inside at A6 and the "swing hard to the right" is the only one

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Hi All, Had my swing evaluation at Golftec over the weekend. First of all, the guys that worked there were great. Jamie, the instructor I had was talkative, knowledgeable and friendly. We chatted about my goals, my misses etc ( pulls and low ball flight ) I started with just hitting 15 or so balls so he could get my swing average into the system. He then called me over to look at it with him.

Went over my setup - everything was fine except my stance was a little narrow: We also talked about my grip - and that it is very weak.

We then looked at my backswing and my plane lines which were pretty solid - but might want a little more shoulder turn.

Annnnnnd this is where it starts to fall apart. My hip turn is low, and I am laid off at the top and my arms ( elbows ) start to separate

OVER THE TOP - so bad. I was frustrated with how bad it was

Here is me holding on for dear life to stop the ball going left

Need a little more width on backswing - as I go narrow to wide instead of wide to narrow on downswing:

Get stuck on the downswing but recover O.K:


Decent finish but wants me over time wants me to get a little more stacked over my left foot:

We then quickly worked on some drills to help with the over the top move. Got my downswing on a much better plane. Also need to fix my grip so it is less weak.

Before Video:

After Video:

Over all, really enjoyed my lesson. Lots to work on which is daunting, but really looking forward to. Have booked more lessons and will continue over the next 6 or so months to see Jamie and get my OTT move fixed!

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Very nice, how much is the fitting? And 6 lesson plan if you don't mind me asking?

I actually thought about going to them before as well..

I paid $1350 for 6 months - around $200 / month

Included is 15 30 minutes lessons + 30 minutes practice in their facility with their tech stuff ( cameras, video playback etc ) as well as a fitting and 2 mobile lessons ( 9 holes out on a course )

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Making good progress on my downswing and my setup. I'm holding the club open and almost scooping at impact because I've been fighting pulls for so long. Getting pretty excited

And I don't want to sound like a Taylormade commercial - but when I got to my lesson I was hitting my 7 iron 160-165, and had been like this for the last 6 months. By the end of this lesson, I was hitting it 185-190. It was unreal. I have never hit the ball so crisp.

Worked more on setup and plane.. More knee flex ( less upright ), stood a little further form the ball. You can clearly see in the first video how upright I was.

My downswing is getting much better, just need to work on what happens through impact :dance:

But here's some videos

Before And After:

Wrists not 'releasing' - hate using that word.

All in all, am getting more excited after each lesson to go and play. Gonna be a good year I hope.

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Hey guys,

I have real trouble getting on top of my left foot properly at the end of my swing.

I can end up with my weight on that foot, but I lean to the right, and sometimes lose balance and fall that same way

What is causing me to do this? What can I do to stand more upright at the end with more balance?

My swing Vs  Tigers

Any drills would be appreciated

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I have real trouble getting on top of my left foot properly at the end of my swing.

I can end up with my weight on that foot, but I lean to the right, and sometimes lose balance and fall that same way

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Thanks Erik - how can I alleviate this? Slide the hips? More weight on left foot?

You're working with an instructor right now?

If yes, I don't want to step on their toes. It may not be your highest priority piece.

But generally speaking, when someone does something… feeling the opposite feel tends to work, you know? :D Your head is going one way… and you want it to go that way less, so… :-D

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Made some good progress today both on my impact position and my swing plane.

When I have the feeling of 'snapping' my left knee into place I get a much nicer impact position. Working on slowing my swing WAY down as well. I felt as if I was swinging 60-70 percent of my full swing, with a more in to out path, and was hitting my 7 iron 170ish yards, which is plenty. Once I get more comfortable with these feelings, I should be able to get more out of it too.

Before( left ) and after ( right ) impact positions:

And position just after impact

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Went to the range for the first time this year ( warm enough outside ). My ball flight has changed DRASTICALLY.

Much, much MUCH higher than I have ever hit it.

This new swing is going to take a while to ingrain itself, as I feel like I did 4 years ago when I started golf....lots of mishits

My miss is now a hook, rather than a pull - but the hook at least starts right of my target :dance:

I have a tournament in 2ish weeks, need to really hit the range a lot until that point. I have 2 more lessons before the tournament too which will help.


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Hit the range again last night.

Working on my impact position still and SLIDING my hips instead of twisting immediately

I really worked with my driver. With my old swing, I would hit it extremely low. Now with my in to out path, sliding of my hips and a better impact position - the ball is flying really nice and high.

It will take a lot more work, as I am blocking a few right, but my ball flight is much nicer.

back to the range tonight - 9 degrees celsius..... :bugout:

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Well I had a tournament last weekend. First two days were fine, by the last day I was back to my steep swing ( hitting it fat ) and pulling everything left...couldnt figure it out on the course so gotta go back for another lesson and more range timer.

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Hi guys,

So I wanted to show you a before and after video of my swing in March and my swing now.

My game has improved a lot...last 3 rounds have been 78, 77, 79 - hitting it in the fairway more, hitting the greens more...and my putting is a lot better now too ( likely due to shorter putts, as well as a few tweaks to my putting swing )

Here you go

March Swing:

September Swing

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Interesting.  I am no pro, but I think I actually like your "before" backswing better.

Yes - my new backswing is flatter, which helps me get closer to 'on plane' on the down sing....its a work in progress....eventually I will try and bring it away less flat...but it works right now :D

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Goals for 2015:

1. Break 80, 10 times

2. Shoot one round of 76 or less

3. Do one of the above in a tournament

4. Work on strengthening lower back ( sciatica )

After my final round of this year I will be back to post results. These are BIG goals for me. Especially No. 3.

First round of the year will be this weekend. Hitting range tonight, and a few more times before Sunday.

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I have been fighting the shanks for 3 rounds in a row...all 100+ scores. previous rounds to this were in high 70's low 80's. No idea what to do.

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Note: This thread is 1301 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Welcome to TST. Many of us have gone through a similar journey as you. I enjoyed all the lows and all the highs. Have fun!
    • Alice Cooper got some demons under control by playing a lot of golf, maybe it will work for Manziel?  I don't think he'll make the PGA Tour.  Best he can hope for is a DQ from a KFC Tour event, thus following in Jerry Rice's footsteps. 
    • Day 10.  Rain outside meant I couldn't do the speed sticks, so I had to make due with 8-iron and 6-irons, as per usual, off the mat, into the net, while indoors.  Two sessions of about half a dozen balls each (and about as many minutes each time).
    • That happens all the time time to me. Having such a powerful swing destroys golf balls.  Back in The real world, the only time I see damage like that is frOm a lawn mower. 
    • Lesson today. Worked on a few minor backswing things and then transition priority piece. The gist of it was MORE PALMAR FLEXION. Also tried some different feels for getting re-centered over the ball at impact. The feel of moving my head toward target slightly seemed to work best. Feels odd, but much improved “covering the ball” on film.
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