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"On Learning Golf" by Percy Boomer


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"On Learning Golf" by Percy Boomer deals with teaching/learning "feel" by positioning. The book has one purpose and that's to teach a player how to find there swing when they loose it.

It's all Percy deals with - there's few pictures, no tips, nothing on equipment. This is good because the swing described is from the Bobby Jones era. However, it's easy enough to fit a conventional swing into Percy's words.

Take the shoulder tilt. He tells us to initiate it with a knee bend towards the ball, weight towards the target, rotating around the back leg -  followed by swing in a barrel with no hip slide!  So I add the hip slide.

He's really good with words, and best of all doesn't make up words, doesn't use medical terms - simple bone head English.

The same fundamentals are covered in unique ways (such as arguments with his students) throughout the book. You just need to update them a bit.

What's really an eye opener is how much the knees affect the club face. Nobody else talks about that.

It's out of print but Amazon has it, and it's not expensive. I discovered the book from all the 5 star ratings on Amazon. (There's far better written reviews then what I'm capable of.)

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A good companion book is "How to Perfect Your Golf Swing" by Jimmy Ballard.

Same phliosphy as Boomer - the golf swing is initiated from the ground up using feet/knees. Only Ballard has the diagrams and pictures. Ballard uses a more modern Hogan Swing as an example only he uses different words to describe the indescribable "feel" then Hogan does in 5 Lessons.

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This is my favorite golf swing book, published in 1946. I read it every year and find something new each time. Golf Digest just came out with its list of 50 golf books every golfer should read. This one was #5 on the list. 

It's a sleeper. Highly influential even today, though everybody has forgotten the source. No, he didn't invent this stuff, but his explanations are masterful. Go to Amazon and read the reviews there. I can't recommend it strongly enough.

Boomer taught for most of his career in France, and won the Belgian, Swiss, and Dutch Opens in the 1920s. His brother, Aubrey, finshed 2nd to Bobby Jones in the British Open in 1927, and won numerous European championships.


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Note: This thread is 1107 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Ah, I like the BDC hat.    DING There's a phrase about counting unhatched chickens. I think it applies here. 
    • Trip to Oregon was no good, hit the driver terrible so I was basically scrambling every hole. Slowly working my way through my left misses off the tee. Mostly mechanics but also part mental with trusting it on the course. Can't reproduce the miss on the range. Finished one shot out of playoff for US Mid Am and US FourBall qualifiers.  Got a decent lead in our points race. Noticed that as I've been trying to improve rib cage and hip depth that the right ankle and foot would get unstable. Asked my trainer/pt about it and this is what he recommended. He just got certified in a foot program. Fingers crossed but for the first time I can really feel myself winding up the upper torso over a solid lower body. But doing it athletically not just faking it by not moving stuff around. It's the most rib cage rotation I've had going back without trying to force it. I like that I’m doing more work at the joint and that the joint is inside my right ankle at 4. I think the key for me with this foot tripod thing is to keep the right knee over the foot, not letting it rotate towards the middle of my stance. I can feel the "spiraling" effect. I have high arches and when I go into my backswing the foot supinates incorrectly losing the big toe joint contact. Ideally you would want to "build" more of an arch of the foot on the backswing and use that "ramp" on the downswing. This would be another way of explaining it. If the arch of the foot collapses then you basically lose access to the deep front line.  
    • Day 211.  Played 18 today, and really came to life in the second nine.  3 pars, bogey, 3 pars, closed out with two bogeys.   Shot a 39 for the second nine, something I'm not sure I've done at that course before (Hansen Dam).  I've had days where I hit a bunch of GIRs on that second nine, one day it was 7 GIR + 2 near, but I think I shot 40 or 41 on the second nine that day. 
    • And Chamblee said Poulter is the worst ball striker "By a lot" of all the players and Poulter won his singles match by 3 holes LOL...   Best result of the European players and most of the USA players, guess that's what you call an anomaly. Unbelievable how stupid that statement was, the Postman did himself proud....
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