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"My Swing" Video Threads RULES - Please Read

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The "Member Swings" section of the site is popular, so we've had to come up with some specific rules for this section of the site. These rules govern this forum, which includes all of the "My Swing" threads that pertain to each member's swing.

1) One thread per member. If you want to ask a general question about your left knee or what a golfer's hips should do in the swing, it's fine to start a thread on that. If you want to ask a question pertaining to YOUR swing only, please create and use one thread only.

2) The thread for your swing should be named "My Swing (Username)" where "Username" is of course your username. If your thread is not named properly, it may be removed .

3) If you don't have a video or still pictures, but the thread is about your swing, you're still expected to use the naming format covered in rule #2 and to post all subsequent posts about YOUR swing in that thread. If it's a general instructional question, then go ahead and make a new thread in the "Instructional" forum.

4) If you're going to post a video, make it worthwhile. Read this: http://thesandtrap.com/playing_tips/filming_your_swing and don't post a lousy quality video or a practice swing . Videos should be embedded with the [video] tag (the film strip icon). The better the video and the easier it is to watch, the more and the better responses you'll get.

That is all, though I reserve the right to amend this post and these rules in the future.

P.S. As a general note, people are more willing to give advice to people they know, so please, try to participate in other sections of the site. Get to know people and let them get to know you a little bit. You'll get more feedback and advice in your "My Swing" thread and make some online buddies in the process.


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    • I am not discouraged at all, by the looks of the scores I can definitely play well enough to make the weekend rounds. Even with how bad I played, I would still have typically made it to the next round, but there were just fewer people this year. Even with the bad holes I had, if it had been match play I'd have done just fine. After the first day everything goes to match play too, so next year I am fully expecting to make it through. I knew I was asking a lot to do well this year because I've not been golfing much at all for several reasons, but this has given me a bit of a boost in motivation.
    • So, I am playing in a matchplay tournament at my local course.   I was paired up against a guy who's GHIN handicap card says he's a 12.0.   cool.   mine is 13 and trending to 11.7.   should be a pretty good matchup, and I'll get a stroke.    but..   I just happened to look him up in The Grint to see if he was on there to friend him.   then I notice. his index on there is 7.4.  and he has 6.6, 7.6, ad 9.2 differentials in May/early June that are not posted on his GHIN card.      now..  there could be reasons for this.    Maybe he only keeps his GHIN as his official handicap, and on those good differentials he could have been playing alone.  (which would be correct not to post).   maybe he just keeps his Grint numbers for personal, not official tracking purposes.     I don't really wanna be a douche and call him out for it.  and it would be especially embarrassing if I called him out and there was good reason for it.   But, at the same time, I entered a net handicap tournament because I want good competitions.   If this guy is giving me 1 stroke, when a fair fight would be him giving me 5 or 6, I'm gonna be awfully frustrated.      your thoughts?      
    • This is my take on it, but I preface it with I am an old school baseball fan. Pete Rose was one the great players in the game. He was someone you could point out to the kids in the neighborhood how the game should be played. He was Charlie Hustle and hustle he did. When he got a walk he would not walk to first base he would run. He played the game with abandon and always played hard. When he was in the All Star game one year he came into home plate and hit Ray Fosse so hard he basically ruined Fosse for the rest of his career. This was the All Star game not the World Series and yet he still played to win. I loved how he played the game.  Perhaps that is why I am so hard on him now. What he did  to the game by betting on it was sacrilegious in baseball. If he bet on baseball while a manager he most likely did as a player as well. When they delved into his betting as a manager they also indicated they were sure he did as a player as well, but they had so much on him already they did not delve into it any further. Regardless betting on the game is no different than what the Black Sox scandal was when they took money to throw the series in 1919. Rose called other managers to get the skinny on players who were hurt to see if he could get an advantage in his bets that day. While what Pete did on the field should be in the HOF he should not be there. Yet if players like Bonds et al can get in, and I think they will some day, then Pete should get in as well. But then that is a thread for another day. When and if he ever does go in it should be after he passes not while he is still alive. I feel he has lost his right to be inducted now, only posthumously.
    • Fox is always going to be behind on tv talent compared to NBC and CBS because they only do one PGA event a year. That's why I laughed when people said Feherty should go to Fox. Feherty wants to go to a network where he can do a lot of PGA events a year. That's why I give Fox a passing grade for their coverage. Most of the guys covering the Open were decent. Still upset NBC lost the US Open, but not upset we don't have to hear Chris Berman anymore trying to do golf.
    • It was a solid red light, I tried turning it off and on twice and it ended up doing the same thing. I charged the night before. I will hook it up to my computer when I get a chance, hopefully it doesn't do it again. I've never had a problem out of the classic or the live before.
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