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Maxfli Driver

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jlh1508    4
Dicks sporting goods has been running a 2 for $100 deal on Maxfli Drivers, Fairway woods, and hybrids.

I used the opportunity to get the maxfli c3 10.5 degree driver and matching 5 wood. I am loving these clubs. The driver is very forgiving. My last 2 rounds I have hit over 65% of fairways with about 10-12 yards of extra distance.

If anyone is in the market for a driver, I highly recommend it. It looks good at address and it has been very good for me. I also upgraded from a very old wilson staff driver, which probably was some of the issue.

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jlh1508    4
I like the look of that driver. Congrats on the added yards. I have a maxfli hybrid that I can't hit worth a poo.

I am more excited about the added accuracy. The club just feels nice and I think I have confidence from having an updated driver

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jlh1508    4
How do you like your fairway wood? I was thinking about getting a three wood and a hybrid.

I like the 5 wood quite a bit. I have never really used my fairway woods much, but this one seems pretty easy to hit, and I am now comfortable using it on the course.

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jlh1508    4
Are you serious, i personally think its hideous... then again i kind of am a traditionalists, i mean look at the driver i use.

guess I don't see the big difference besides color

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jlh1508    4
Looks like an aesthetically pleasing driver. I heard it was really loud though, like a Cobra or a Hibore.

It is a little loud, but not obnoxious

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Brian123    0

I got a Maxfli C3 driver from Dick's Sporting Goods in Davenport, Iowa. After just 2 seasons using the C3 a crack developed on the top of the club. The cracked started from normal use and grew to the entire length of the club head. I called Dick's and they said there is nothing they can do after the 90 day warranty. I showed it to a couple friends that are assistants at a golf course and they said they have never seen something like that before.

I do not recommend this club to anyone. The structural integrity of the club has been compromised. I do not trust Maxfli clubs anymore.

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