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Is 46 a good score for a Par 3 (ex. Little Rancho)?

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I have been playing for a year and a half (very irregularly, sometimes playing once every two weeks).


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Originally Posted by djhyeon

I have been playing for a year and a half (very irregularly, sometimes playing once every two weeks).

This was the par-3 course next to Rancho Park, off of Pico in Los Angeles?

When you say you've been playing a year and a half, what do you mean?  Going to the par-3 with your friends?  Practicing at all?

What's the breakdown of your 46?  If it was a lot of wasted shots, it's not that good.  By that, I mean if you topped the ball and left it where it was, or hit a few out of bounds, or chili dipped a ton of chips, or missed a ton of short putts, then it means you've left shots out there.  And it means you can learn from this, figure out what you need to practice, and then go back and shoot a better score in the not-too-distant future.

If you've never broken 50 before, and your goal was to get good enough to do so, and you did, then the 46 was fantastic.

It's not really whether or not 46 is good or bad, but whether it's an achievement for you, or whether you can learn from it.

Regardless, it means you stuck with a frustrating (but fun!) hobby for a while, and have some way to measure progress.

As for me, I'm not happy when I shoot 46 for 9 holes on the big Rancho course, so I can't say I'd be happy with your score.  But I've been playing longer and I base a large portion of my free time on doing various things to get better at golf.


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9 holes or 18?  It's a pretty great score for the latter, and just ok for the former---not bad enough that you should stay off the course, but you're likely to have a lot of trouble on a regulation length course.


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I learned to play on this course and I keep coming back on weekday mornings because I can play it in 45 minutes or less. When I started, I worked toward a 45 and was happy when I got it. Then I worked down to a 36 and was thrilled when I broke through. Now I keep approaching that magical 27. Twice I've come into 9 at even par and blown a short putt. Today I came into 7 at 1 under, and I missed that damn temp green, lost focus and missed left on 8 as well. There's a challenge here for every level. Can't beat it for $7.


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    • That's an exaggeration. He's obviously shown that he has the potential to compete but he struggles with consistency month to month. I think everyone who watches golf underestimates just how rare it is to have back to back seasons as the likes of Tiger, Jack, or Arnold- especially in a field as talented as it is in 2016. I'm a huge believer that these past few seasons have been some of the best tour golf ever played in the history of the game, especially when it's looked at in terms of depth. Week to week, it's really anyone's tournament to take, and it hasn't always been like that.
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    • Genetics definitely play a role, but not as much as people think. If you have a 6 foot frame to work with from the get-go, you will obviously be able to make a bigger swing with less effort than someone who stands 5 feet tall with shorter arms. A bigger swing path = more time to gain momentum through impact. This is where technique and flexibility come into play, though. Having a large frame/swing only correlates to distance if you can do two things, 1) swing at a high rate of speed through the slot, 2) maintain a square club face on impact. I am not a tall or big person by any means, but I gain a lot of my strokes by being able to hit a wedge or low iron into the majority of holes I play. The biggest adjustment to my game that I made in order to hit the long ball has been working on my shoulder flexibility as well as timing my hip turn. If you are a smaller person and want to improve distance, you should first make sure you are able to hit the ball squarely, but after, elongate the path of your lead arm without compromising your spine alignment and swing plane. It definitely isn't something that happens in one range session as it oftentimes takes multiple seasons in order to find 15-25 yards from the tee. But genetics definitely are not the only thing that factor into hitting big drives, I would say it is much more contingent on technique and timing than anything else.  
    • Actually it is not. It's taking something that people will perceive is bad associated with you, your brands and your business as Trump and making sure it doesn't affect you negatively. People saying it's not his fault and would be bad business are failing to see the big picture. He generates so much money off of his name and reputation and brand that if something is associated with him negatively, wrong or right, it could have already cost him far more than a million dollars of revenue or EBITDA.  And this was another executive  not sure I want the word on street to be that I didn't make good for another CEO. It's the same reason why when Chik Fil A made a statement about gay marriage they also were outside handing out free bottles of water to protesters. And their sales went even higher!  They controlled the message and paid for it and what happened?  They came out winners. There are multiple examples of this in business. That's why I disagree with @iacasand with @newtogolf  And apparently over 70 percent of the voters on this poll agree.  Ultimately we can have our own opinions on it and that's mine. 
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