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Ball Position S&T

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Lately I have been working on S&T; a lot again, reading the book in bed, wife thinking she has become a golf widdow .

I used to have a ball position that was just inside the left ankle on all irons (I just learned that my self) ...... maybe that is where the fades (and slices) come from (according to the book on this).

Now I force myself to have the ball about two balls width from the left ankle, ballflight has changed to a push draw or push nothing at the short to about 6 iron, but maintaing the prefered ballflight in the longer irons is "off and on".

Anyway with the help of a few aiming sticks it is easy to maintain ball position at the driving range, but in the course there are no aiming sticks and I find it very hard to have the right ball position, so it might be mostly to far forward I guess.

Any cheap trick ?

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Ball off the left heel works only if your stance width changes a LOT from the short irons to the long irons.

I prefer to think of the ball position as middle for the wedge, left instep for the driver (hitting up so hitting slightly across) and adjust from there.

You most likely do several things to not hit the ball from the inside enough. Ball position may be one of them, but it's unlikely to be the only thing.

Get a video camera.

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Yep I realise I need a video camera, but money is tight at the moment and I can only spend it once.......

Will try to make some vids with my digital photocamera, next week.

Today I practiced with the ball more to the middle and guess what I hit a few perfect (not all of course) shots with a push baby draw, so I am getting somewhere. I was actually hitting a lot of nice balls today, even with my longer irons.

I am sure there are still lots of things to perfect, but I understand the basics of S&T; better now than about a year ago.

My main problem is not the take away, is not the turn and it is not coming from the inside, but it is the follow trough with straight arms after impact, I wouldn't say that I flip, but yet it comes close.

Today I really focussed on that follow trough and oops that is where the push baby draws must be coming from.

Yesterday I was at the range with our only +capper at our club, although he has a what he calls traditional swing, het let me see how he hit a low/high fade and low/high draw, which was a very interesting instruction for me.

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