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Anyone have Piretti putter?

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I just recently heard about Piretti and I'm really liking what I see. The Cottonwood and Teramo look fantastic to me. I also love that Piretti putters have a lot less loft than your typically putter which usually has four degrees. Piretti's have 2.5 but can even be customized further. I have a Cameron and love it, but I'e always hated the four degrees of loft and I've had it bent down to three degrees, but it still just doesn't seem to set right. I assume it's because it was designed with the intention of having four degrees.

Considering ordering a Piretti. Anyone else got one?

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ajschn06    1

I don't have one but I've heard nothing but good things.  They have a lower loft as you mentioned, but they also have heavier and I believe slightly larger heads as well.  I think they weigh anywhere from 350-370 grams.  I just got a Ping Redwood that I love at the beginning of the season so I won't be looking in the near future.  However, if I have to come up with some gift ideas in the next year or two I may think about one of these, I really like the heavier heads in putters.

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Thanks. So far, everything I've read has been positive. Emailed a couple questions to Mike (the owner) and he got back with me within 24 hours. Seems like a super nice guy. It's especially nice that the owner of the company takes time to personally email people back with answers to their questions.

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I ordered the Cottonwood II yesterday. I will post back with review and pics when I get it. Hope it's as good as I am expecting. Mike (the owner) has been more than helpful in answering my questions about his putters. It's not often the owner and designer of a high end putter company answers all emails and takes phone calls.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Haven't been by the forums in a while.

As far as looks, feel and everything else, the putter was very nice. The wider flange seemed kind of weird to me, but I'm sure it's just because I wasn't used to it. I actually returned the putter and went back to an old Yes! Callie. Just wasn't feeling it for some reason.

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