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New Nike VRs Irons

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So I will start from the beginning....

I purchased my clubs at TGW because I have had good luck there in the past as well as the guarantee which allows you to return them for full price in 60 days for another set. The fitting process was pretty cool and was the first time I had taken the time to do it. They fit me for shaft and lie angle and it turns out I am 2 degrees upright. I was able to try every club that was in the GI and SGI range and choose the Nike VRs over the Cobra Amp. Shot dispersion was pretty close on the two, but the Nike just "felt" a little better. Of course this was all done in side so we will see how that translates to the course. I will let anyone who is interested know how it went. I will also do the club review as best I can. Oh I am currently a 14 ....

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I have played twice since purchasing these and could not be happier. They are long and forgiving, but was still able to feel the ball on the face. I was able to move the ball a bit, but mainly they are straight! When I went to test and buy clubs I never thought I would test let alone buy the Nike product. I love the look at address as well as the black and red....

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Could you comment further on the forgiveness factor. I love the way these clubs look, and hit off the mat, but I need a lot of forgiveness. They are listed as game improvement rather than super game improvement, so I probably should get something else (but these look so great that I'm tempted.

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I previously owned Wilson Di7 irons and was looking to gain a bit more distance with my irons. I tried all the big names Taylormade 2.0 and RBZ, Mizuno JPX800, Ping G20 and the Cobra S3 Max. Thought I'd give the Nike VR_S irons a try and WOW! These were hitting 8yrds further that the 2.0's and 12yrds further than the JPX's. Took the VR_S irons down the driving range last night and the balls were disappearing into the dark at the back of the range! Had 3 people come up to me asking what I was hitting, through the noise and distance I was receiving. My golf coach there said that these irons were amazing too. I am fairly high handicapper and these irons are perfect, cannot praise these irons enough. I hit a few out of the toe and they still went straight. You will not be disappointed if you do decide to go with these, but make sure you go to your local pro shop and test them all out.

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It's been five months since I purchased my Nike VRS irons so I thought I would share the highlights. I also went with the VRS line for driver and utility.

I have gone from a 16.9 to an 11.9

I shot 77 in my qualifying round for my club championship

Placed third in the championship (first time in match play)

They might not be for everybody, but they suit me.

I love these clubs!

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Note: This thread is 3317 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Think that’s the extreme version in the pic. Got mine from my club pro who ordered from cobra direct.
    • I’m not sure if Cobra has these changes in the decorations, but your colors aren’t the same from the pic I sent. Where did you buy your driver? Possible fake? Looks like a defect.
    • I got my Cobra SZ white driver a few months back but only just recently noticed theres a small uneven part on the edge which I’ve circled in the photo. Can anyone confirm if this is a dent or if someone has this driver, can they can check and see if they have the same? I can’t think of anywhere where I’ve dented it and I’m wondering if it’s maybe just the chassis in the club with the t bar etc? You can also feel a ridge or something similar going up to the left of the vertical red line which isn’t smooth either which I’ve tried to highlight in the second pic but it’s barely visible on camera. You can feel it with your finger. Again I’m wondering if it’s just part of the chassis as I can also feel a part on the head which isn’t completely smooth but there’s no indentation on the head part.
    • They should be done. The ACC is a dumpster fire this year. They don't have enough tough games left to get back in. I am sure there should be  4 1-loss teams remaining.   
    • Day 56: Lesson today, and also an hour booked on launch monitor for practice after lesson. Got a new feel/thought I am working with.
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