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Longridge pin seeker range finder

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Ordered mine saturday so should be here tomorrow

Got bored of using the gps app on my phone and it killing the battery, and being in-accurate

cant wait to get it,...dosnt come with batteries so gotta figure out what ones it takes haha, i think a cr2032, but cant be sure

will put up a review once i get it, but wont get it on the course until next wednesday

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Well got this yesterday and tried it out down the range, worked straight out the box with the battery that was provided, locks onto the pin very quickly, usually within 3 seconds,...i found scanning across the pin back and forth to be the quickest/most accuracte way

build quality is what i expected for a brand new £115 unit,...nothing like the bushnells ive used, but it does what it says on the tin, small, light, hardy


Cost: 10/10

Build Quality: 6/10

Functionality: 8/10

Aesthetics: 8/10

Accuracy: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

if the build quality and aesthetics where better this device could easily keep up with models three times it price, but for what you pay its a damn good bit of kit

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ajst22    1

Nice, I am considering getting a GPS, but I am not really sure on how often I would use it

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i found myself using the gps app on my phone all the time, knowing my exact yardage has really helped my game, the only issues i had with it where

1) sometiems dodgy satellite signal

2) phone battery life

3) having to download courses

4) sun glare on the screen

witht he rangefinder i shouldnt have any of the above issues,

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    • Honestly, I feel like I'm hitting a little of everything.  When at the range off mats, I tend to graze the bottom which I can tell from the feedback of the rubber tee's.  When on the course/grass, I tend to top the ball.  I have noticed my heel shots as the ball direction is unmistakable.  Off to the left, sharp and extremely short and low.  I hit far better shots with my Hybrids than almost any club.  Then my wedges, then irons.  Driver, the least well.  I think I'm trying too many setup and swing techniques almost trying too many corrections.  I over pivot a bit and struggle with stable feet tending to come up on the ball of my left foot.  I played baseball for nearly 14 years so I'm trying to keep from feeling like I'm stepping (or want to step). So, my next real question... is it worth it to try and replace the shafts if the manufacturer ignores me?  I never really hit the GBB as I'd just bought it.  The XR16 definitely felt the best, went the longest and gave me the most confidence.  The Ping G SFT, I also didn't hit more than a few times but I enjoyed it.  I'll try and post some pics of the leftovers and driver murder scene.  "Driver-homicide" is going to be my new nickname.   Thanks Lihu!  
    • Hello guys I've always struggle on short putts and it is why I'm here. Well, when I'm witha shot putt, I realized that my backswing is not Ok, I do not feel that the line stays correct, it seens that my hand shake. There is something that I can do? Change my putting grip?   Thanks
    • Single-digit in two years is ambitious for me, but I'll see you guys in 2021.  
    • I had a buddy film a few drives during my round yesterday.  I am still diving down towards the ball with my head.  No idea why this is still happening, but it does not feel as if it is happening while I am swinging.  Plane seems a little better, but still very erratic. I got the first one off the toe. Started right and stayed right.  The second one was better contact but pulled left.  
    • This was sort of pioneered by Ray Ortiz formerly of Orlimar Golf who now is at Bobby Jones. Long ago he introduced his low profile, Tri-Metal Miraged driver and fairway metals. They took a little getting used to, but really performed once you got it down. Excellent for getting of the rough.  Orlimar still exists under new owners, but no where's near the same as it was. I am a TE convert obviously, only a few clubs to go to have a 100% set, but probably will not go with their wedges.
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