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Re-Shafting Your Driver

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I love the game, but don't get to play as often as I'd like (as is likely the case with many of you), so my index is not where I think it could be if given the time.  I've shot 83 twice, but in all honesty, I play in the mid/low 90's most of the time (and blow up to the high 90's and low 100's from time to time if I'm having a bad day). A couple of years ago I went in to the local golf store (national retailer) and, despite my wanting to be "fitted,"  they basically said that my index indicated that I shouldn't be fitted as it wouldn't benefit me, and I should just buy off the shelf.  They did put me on a launch monitor to determine my club head speed (at the time avg. 101 MPH), so they suggested a stiff shaft.  I ended up getting a TaylorMade Burner 09' 10.5.

They said that the long and light, 46.5" shaft would aid in my club head speed and increase my distance.  No one here knows me, so I can be honest.  If I got a hold of it, I have hit it 280+, but would average around 240.  The problem was the accuracy.  I'd spray it all over the place and basically never felt overly comfortable with it.  I often just didn't pull the driver out of the bag except on par 5's.

I went to a local golf range a few weeks ago and there was an independent golf repair shop in the lobby.  A single guy worked and owned it.  He probably did more re-gripping than anything else, and I did get my irons re-gripped.  I started complaining about my driver and said,  "I think I just need to get a new driver (and lessons :))."  He took a look at it and had my jump on his launch monitor.  I was again swinging it at about 100-102 MPH, but my backspin was through the roof.  He said I didn't need a new driver, just a new shaft.

He said first of all, the 46.5" shaft was WAY too long for almost anyone and the kick point was too low as the off the rack stock shafts usually are.  For under $100 he re-shafted my driver (and re-gripped it).  It's now 45" long and heavier than the stock TaylorMade shaft.  I used it for a couple of weeks and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  My spread was narrowed significantly!  I was sticking it down the center much more than not.  He asked that I come back after a while of getting used to it and we'd get back on the launch monitor to check things out.  I did.  With the shorter shaft, my club head speed jumped up to an average of 108 MPH!  I got as high as 111 MPH.  I was not over swinging.  My backspin also went down a lot, but admittedly was still higher than he'd/i'd like (due to a steeper attack)  Lessons!  But, I couldn't be happier.

Ok, I realize you just read a lot....So what's the question?  Why is the trend in drivers right now is the longer/lighter shafts when, according to this club maker and my personal experience the shorter slightly heavier shaft produced a much faster club head speed and greater accuracy and distance?  AND, why won't the retailers want to fit the average Joe player into clubs that work for US?  All the stuff I read says that WE are the ones that could most benefit.

Sorry for the dissertation...


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Short answer to the Q? Golfers ego and the all powerful lure of DISTANCE! Stands to reason doesn't it (even if your experience contradicts it) that a longer, lighter shaft will hit it further???!!! They never tell you it'll be harder to control for both those same reasons do they? I wonder why not?!

The pros don't use 46.5" shafts coming in at ~50g and you have to ask yourself why not if it would (allegedly) give them even more distance...

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