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Old wedge stolen, finally sold on a new one

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I had been doing a lot of practicing with my 56* Cleveland 588 sand wedge (as per my thread in the instruction forum).  I had even kept out all my other wedges (especially my 60* with too much bounce for me) and this was really improving my short game.  I had some good up and downs last round.  Unfortunately, I left my wedge on the front 9 last round and didn't notice until the turn.  I went back to the last few holes (where I know I used it at least once in the past few holes) and it was nowhere to be found.  Nobody turned it in and they said to call back the next day.  After doing that, still nobody turned it in, so I decided I needed a new wedge.

We have a used sporting goods store here that has a 7 day no questions asked 100% return policy for used items, so I decided I would keep buying wedges until they felt right. I first tried a Vokey SM 54* with 8* of bounce, but I just didn't like the feel of it (I can't hit very well with my vokey 60 either).  The Vokey was $40.  I thought maybe it had too little bounce, or perhaps to large of a sole (I think my old cleveland 588 had a very thin sole and I was used to gliding it under the ball; the vokey was hitting very thin for me).  So then I traded it in for a 56* Tom Watson 56.13 for $29.99.  This club had way too much bounce for me, and the sole felt too thick, too.  I skulled a lot of hits with this and even lost 2 balls at the practice pitching green by shooting missiles across the street.  I traded this in and there was a new club in for $29.99:  an old Cleveland 588 56* BeCu.  I got this club and it feels very similar to my old cleveland, and I hit very well with it at the practice pitching green.  I'm not sure if there is anything special/different about the BeCu (other than dating the club, because they don't make it anymore I don't think).

It is weird how much feel and certain characteristics matter for even a high handicap player's sand wedge.  If anybody is having problems with their short game, I would very much suggest making sure that the wedge(s) you have are the ones that feel best for you.  I'd like to hear any comments that people have about the copper Cleveland 588 56* and if people think I got it for a good price, and if they like the club (I'm certainly sticking with it because it does what I tell it to for the most part).

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