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First post, .. long intro.. beware ;)

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Hi Everyone!

First post here, so I’m saying hi and a little of what I'm hoping to do, and share here !

..so here it is!..

Basically.. I started playing Golf at 12 years old, ..and like most young players.. I dreamt of being a tour pro !

Starting out, I just played.. whatever it took to get the ball down in the fewest shots !.. I didn’t care what my swing looked like, I hit the ball my way, and I just wanted to win.. AND for the most part .. it worked!

I achieved some success in my initial few years making regional golf teams etc..

I then began to take everything a little more serious, I got a regular coach who changed my swing, moved membership to a better club, started working out, and basically doing all the 'right' things I believed would yield great success.. and again for the most part it worked..

BUT !.. my progress slowed down.. a lot… especially when my handicap got to single digits.. I became nervous, didn’t trust my swing or myself, and was generally playing ‘protected’ golf.. not wanting to risk my handicap going back up after all the hard work to get it down...

looking back now.. it all seems so clear.. why put so much emphasis on how my swing looked and my handicap?

After a few years of this nervous golf, and getting little to eventually zero results, through frustration and fear.. my love for the game faded…

At 25 I took a break from the game.. officially stopped.. I finished college, starting a career, bills to pay, and everything that goes along with it..

But I never lost total interest in Golf, and I think that my years working has taught me lessons in life I could of used back then..

So.. to round off this pretty long intro.. I’m re-joining my club in January.. setting myself some goals .. and giving it everything I’ve got again!

.. I don’t know yet what these goals should be.. long term or short term,.. I’ve got some ball park ideas.. but I am going back how I used to think..

Get it down in as few as possible, aim to win.. and everything else will take care of itself..

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