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Please help!!......Titleist 712 AP2 vs. Nike VR Pro Combo

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I am the newest rookie of the Sand Trap and would REALLY appreciate some expert opinions before I make a decision on my next set of golf clubs! Here's my situation....

Just started golfing this past summer and caught on very quickly, much to the disbelief of some of my more seasoned golf partners. I have been using a cheap set of Nicklaus clubs and want to upgrade before next season and really get serious about my golf game. I am currently stuck between a used set of Titleist 712 AP2s and Nike VR Pro Combos.....Both appear to be in similar used condition, probably rated about 8-8.5 out of 10. The AP2s will cost me about 600$ while the Victory Reds will cost me about 550$.

First of all, what are your honest opinions when it comes to buying used clubs? Secondly, which of these iron sets would you lean toward if you were me?

Thanks in advance...Anything you reply with will be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi there, welcome to the Sandtrap ! Personally I would go to your local golf shop and hit both to see what feels better before making any purchases...but if not possible then I would go with the AP1s, great irons and will hold their value longer.

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Global Golf has a set of Nike Pro Combos for $419 in very good condition.


That's a good place for used clubs.  I've had excellent service from them.

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    • I voted "no". Reason being there is/are sanctioned events and tours (e.g. Michigan Hickory Tour) and some are even shown on Sky Sports. They even have the Trilby Tour. This is a real amateur tour where the main stipulation is that you have to wear a trilby hat (i kid you not). Like many have said, the tech is soooooo different that it is more likely to be detrimental to their regular game that anything other than 9 holes or so for charity or exhibition wouldnt be worth it for them. That being said, some older pro's have switched largely to hickory golf with a lot of success. Sandy Lyle for instance won the hickory World Golf Open in 2014 and 2016. Still plays modern gear but in interviews says he enjoys the old stuff more. Difference is that Sandy isn't competing at the very top of the sport these days.
    • @Jack Watson, I think you know as well as I that the USA Today article is garbage in terms of saying pros want to play full tournaments with hickory. In fact, one of the first quotes in the video was, "Wouldn't want to play them from the tees we play nowadays". The the most praise they got was that the person "enjoyed the hit" or that it felt soft, but the soft wasn't necessarily good considering one of the pros likened it to "a bar of soap". In other words, the old equipment is garbage (crap) by comparison. It's the same as if you compared a Ford Pinto to a modern Ford Focus: the Pinto is crap by comparison (though there are a few who have a nostalgic infatuation with the older one).   My point is that what you think, "They should have enough pride to actually want to do this," has absolutely no bearing on reality. The pros have nothing to gain from playing this event, besides maybe to blow off some steam as a joke. It certainly wouldn't count towards the FedEx cup and they'd have to devote extra time to practice with equipment that, quite frankly, no longer is relevant or matters anywhere outside of a history museum.  I'd be willing to bet $100 that a survey of all pros on tour would show more against such an event than in favor of it. I understand that you very much want to see the event happen, but you should also be able to understand the reasons why such an event would never happen and why a majority of the golfers would be against it.  
    • I posted this for people who are intered in testing their core and balance, with these three progressive moves.  then leaving a comment on how they did.  If you are not interested in doing that please go somewhere else
    • @Vinsk  You have not shown a shred of evidence to support your view as I did.  Snedeker agrees with me and he shot 80 with vintage gear.  Where is your evidence?  I offered mine. Platitudes do not qualify as arguments.
    • It’s just more of the, “I just won’t admit this game is incredibly hard” nonsense to me. “Oh yeah? Well let’s see these pros who think they’re so good hit ‘real gear’.” It’s all nonsense. They’re that good. Period. @Jack Watson, you’re not. Whether it be hickory or space age titanium. Let it go. You’ll never ‘figure golf out.” Ok sorry. I’m done.
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