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My Swing (captkevin)

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captkevin    0

I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 15-20

My typical ball flight is: low left

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: lately been shanking like crazy any help would be awesome

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cooke119    15

What shafts do you have in your clubs? They appear to be very "whippy" in the front-on video, maybe it just the camera but I'd be interested in knowing.

I am by no mean a swing expert, but from the side view, if you stop the film at impact you'll notice that your spine is hunched forward and you're in the process of standing up, it doesn't look like a natural move. Your spine should be straighter like you are revolving around it. It may be that you are standing to close to the ball causing you to lift in order to make good ball contact.

I'll be interested to see what others think.

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I'm not much better than you, but none of the good golfers seem to be answering, so I'll share my thoughts:

First, the "whippy" appearance of your shaft is an artifact of using a camera without a fast enough "frames per second" to catch a fast golf swing.  If you are using a camera phone or a cheaper point and shoot, it's unavoidable.  Don't worry about it...

Second, it appears that you're left knee collapses far too much during your backswing.  You then straighten the knee out during the downswing, and that seems to keep you from keeping your hands in front at impact.

No idea if that's really holding you back, or how to fix it; sorry!

Again, I'm just starting to look at my own swing, so hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about will chime in...

Good luck!

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Jhwarren    12

Hey CaptKevin,

First, nice swing. I think with a little tweaking you could be a very good player.

The thing that I would suggest you address is you lose your inclination to the ground as you approach impact. You are thrusting you hips up, also known as "early extension." This is a pretty common fault. The best thing for you to do is to place a chair, or something of similar height, behind you. When you make your backswing, feel like your right glute stays touching the chair (this should not feel that weird because you do a pretty good job on the backswing). Then on the downswing, feel like your left glute touches the chair. Here is a video demonstrating what I am talking about...

Hope this helps.

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    • As others have said, you''ll probably be hitting a lot of shots with short irons .  with awkward changes to grip,posture, that kind of thing.  I'll be surprised if he let's you swing your driver unless your iron game is really competent and you don't have swing flaws. A very good chance it'll make you a better player, but early lessons  might not be fun. At least that's been my experience and that of everybody I know who have taken lessons.
    • I responded initially to David's comment about hitting an approach shot with what I thought would require a fairway wood to a difficult green and being confident in the outcome. What you've quoted was a response and disagreement to Kevin's comment suggesting that hole would not be difficult for higher handicappers. I'll resist replying to @Vinsk's post directly below yours. My apologies for taking this thread off-topic.
    • I've been looking at my swing in caddie view, especially P8/A8 (the shaft is parallel to the ground in the follow-through) and I noticed that my neck and eyes are still pointing in the direction of where the ball was at address until after P9/A9. I think this is a really bad move for me as I am left handed and left eye dominant, meaning that my dominant eye isn't really seeing the ball after impact, and I am not extending or raising my head from P7/A7 to P9/A9. Annika Sorenstam (who is right handed and right eye dominant) does the opposite move, at P8/A8 her eyes and neck are in the direction of the clubhead from a head swivel move in the downswing. Jim Furyk and David Duval do the same thing that she does and all 3 players shot sub 60 rounds... Could this be a magic move?
    • Uhh, these guys you are destroying, what scores do they usually shoot? they had low handicaps, they were on the golf team with me or for another high school.   You have a 28 HDCP, yet you hit the sweet spot consistently on your irons? for the most part, yes.    thank you for the suggestion, but I hate the feel and look of game improvement irons. which ones do you suggest?
    • Funny guy this Groucho, think he is trolling you Erik.  My story as someone who scores in the seventies when playing a good round (low eighties are more common). I really need my long game to be on. Hitting it 220-230y from the tee, playing a course at 6700y. Next I mostly have a wood or a hybrid to the green. Because of that I became a really good woods/hybrid player (practice it a lot during my rounds). There are two 440y par4's that I can't reach in two, stopped trying to make gir there (no more 3 woods out of my shoes to the green). Not that I hit every green, I even miss greens from 100y in, allways very happy to be on the green in regulation. Ngir is king for me. If not on the green, but almost, I try my Texas wedge (putter) to make up and down. I am not an elite player at all, but am really into scoring. Thinking about buying a chipper, because my chipping is below average. I take my driver out on every hole except par3's. I learned to hit a short gripped driver with an easy 70% swing 180-190y, when there is danger at 200+y, it works for me all the time.
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