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Upgrade from Burner 2.0s to Players?

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Hi All,

First off a bit about myself. I really took up golf Sept 2011 and got fitted for a set Burner 2.0s. At that time I was a 54 handicap (starting point here in Germany) and at the end of this season I am 16,1.

I tend to hit the ball very well with irons but would say that I sweep too much with my longer irons and have a slight fade. I think realistically my iron play is akin to a 12 HCP it is my putting that is letting me down.

I am thinking of getting refit and upgrading my irons for the new season as although the burners are good I feel that I can not improve my swing as they are too forgiving and I get no feedback. This leads to erratic distances and a lack of consistency plus I can not move/control the ball as I would like.

I have therefore been thinking about MP-59, MP-64 and AP2's. I will obviously go and check these out (must drive 2 hours to a decent Mizuno DNA fitting place) myself but wanted to get feedback from people about other options to consider and whether jumping to a players iron so soon would be a mistake?

Thanks for your thoughts,



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I know exactly where you are coming from, I was in a similar situation when I purchased my last set of irons.

I say go with whatever gives you the most enjoyment when playing a round of golf, there is nothing quite like hitting a blade pure..... and also nothing quite like stinging your hands with a blade lol. I say go get fitted and hit as many different clubs as you can, blades up to big cavity backs this should help you decide.


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For me the answer will be something in between, a CB/MB iron set. May even go a step further and toss out the 3i and 4i for a hybrid. Will know for sure when the new Cobra Amp Cell hits the rack.


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Well I just came back from a fitting and for me the Mizuno MP-64s were the clear winner and will be my next set of clubs.

Using the DNA optimizer we checked shafts and came to the conclusion that the PX 5.5 was the best shaft for me and then I tried the I20, AP2, JPX 825 Pro and the MP-64's.

The I20 was lovely and easy to hit with good distances the only problem was that, for me, it did not seem to give the feedback that I was looking for and did not seem to add enough to justify the change from the Burners. It was certainly better but I got the feeling that I would want to change again a year down the line.

The AP2 just did not work for me at all. It looks lovely and was one I expected to really like but the weighting in the head did not work for me in the slightest.

Next I tried the MP-64, which I thought would be too much club. I soon understood the "buttery" feel that everyone talks about but also felt the feedback that I have always been missing. However, importantly always made solid contact with great dispersion in the shots. I certainly lost distance at the start but by the end was hitting 130 carrys rolling out to a reported 160 which was equal or longer than my burners and felt that there was easily enough forgiveness in them for me not to be scared even with my 16 handicap.

I did try the 825 Pros but after the MP-64s they felt hard on all but perfect shots and there was no way I could go any way other than ordering the 64's, hence I will be ordering 5-Pw in 64's and 3 and 4 in the H4's once the manager is back in house next week.


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