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Kettlebell workouts

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Does anybody workout with kettle balls for golf. I have found these to be very helpful in flexibility, straight and endurance. If I may suggest a workout I found on the net. Google Kettle ball workout from hell. It is a great work out. Any opinions or thoughts on kettle balls lets hear them. The plus is the fact the workouts are easy on the joints and at my age 57 I don't need anymore soreness than I naturally have.


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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

The workout I mentioned above is found under Kettle Ball 7 minutes of hell Try it a quick 7 minute workout that will get your attention


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I use them for glute and leg work.....im a bit worried I need to go above 20kg now though as my gym dosen't have one!

MyTPI have some excellent lessons for the bells.


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Great workout, I use a 24kg for my workout, from a strength workout they are okay but for HITT training they are my favorite. I just set a timer for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds rest. Here are a couple sample workouts:

1.     Swings

2.     L Snatch

3.     R Snatch

4.     Alternating swings

5.     L Clean and Press

6.     R Clean and Press

7.     Swings

8.     Figure 8

9.     Alternating Swings

10.           R Thrusters

11.           L Thrusters

12.           One leg deadlift

13.           One leg deadlift

14.           Side Lunges

15.           R High Pulls

16.           R High Pulls

17.           Swings

18.           Russian Twist

19.           Ribbons

20.           Crush Curls

1. Swings

2. L Snatch

3. R Snatch

4. L Clean and Press

5. R Clean and Press

6. Slingshot

7. R Side Press

8. L Side Press

9. R Windmill

10. L Windmill

11. Pull-ups/Rows

12. Halo

13. One leg deadlift

14. One leg deadlift

15. Bench Lunges

16. Side Lunges

17. Russian Twist

18. Figure 8

19. Crush Curls

20. Ribbions


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Yes it is a great workout. I'm a woman but it does help my arms to tighten.


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My workout is

The Art of Strength - Providence


Kettlebell Workout

At 57, I strongly suggest a heart rate monitor. I use one. I didn't realize how weight lifting zoomed the heart rate through the roof, and especially with kettle bells - where it is simultaneously aerobic and anaerobic.


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IF you want to read up on some quick, different and extremely effective KB workouts, take a look at Geoff Neupert.  He has a site, blog, etc www.chasingstrength.com is one.  His double kb training is really good.  You can't find one that is longer than 15 min, and you won't need it to be.


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    • Oh yeah, I've know several. Not really giving up the game entirerly, but giving up on going pro. They went on mini tours or play events the (now) web.com tour and just give up after a year or so. They didn't really have a gauge of how much time and skill it really takes to make a living playing golf. If you dont win or make a name for yourself in the college ranks or big international am tournaments, you're really behind the 8ball. 
    • The video was not made for this discussion but a good chunk of it applies - just because you lift your heel off the ground doesn't mean you transfer 95% of your weight right. That's what you had to say in response to "I don't see how the left knee moves as a point of contention"? Again, the other thread existed because there was a huge myth out there about maintaining the same flex in the trail knee. No such myth or disparity exists re: the lead knee. Her head doesn't move off the ball much (well within the "steady head" idea, particularly with a driver), of course she has some tilt away from the target - because her hips don't sway back, and her weight shifts slightly to the right. Very little more than someone with a "modern" golf swing. It's not the only place there's "tension." And no, "loaded" may be a common word, but it can have a bunch of meanings. Your right leg is not the only thing that's "loaded" in ANY full swing in golf. Again, the wrists, the arm across the chest, the elbow, your ankles, your torso is turned… all can be "loaded." That's my point. One of 'em anyway. I haven't attacked whatever it is you're trying to talk about. I am, however, trying to suss out what it is you're trying to talk about. Because if it's "the left knee should be allowed, sometimes, to move back to the right" then I don't think you'll find much disagreement. You seem to think it's more than that, though. I don't think they did either, but the reasons they did it may have changed, or the amount of understanding we have of the golf swing has certainly changed, or what's important in the golf swing may have changed, or a bunch of other things. While writing this, @billchao answered that pretty well too, IMO. I guess, since I don't know what you're actually trying to convey here, I'll drop out for now until you can figure out what it is you're trying to say.
    • I could also just learn to perfect my draw as the article said. Become good/great at a certain shot type. 
    • From a fellow Sconnie, welcome to the site.  Many, many golfers play fades from a closed stance.  They are mostly pull slicers.  Basically your club face is just closed in relation to the path you are swinging on.  Maybe start a swing thread sometime if you want and someone can try and help.  Otherwise there is not really much anyone can tell you.  Hope you stick around and become involved in the site.
    • I disagree with this. Lots of fantastic golfers today don't use this move. People will adopt swing moves based on the style in a given era, regardless of whether they actually improve the swing or not. Think about reverse C finishes or square feet. Some top players play well despite certain trends, not because of them.
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