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Enlow grips - new info?

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I ran into Brad Enlow at the St. Louis Golf Expo.  For several years he has been selling a heavy, reverse-taper grip for golf clubs. Brad operates out of Manhattan, Kansas, home of the Wildcats.

ST had a thread on this 2010, but only had a few responses (last one in 2012).

Anyway, I bought one grip to put on a demo 6 iron which matches my iron set. If anyone is currently using Enlow grips, how do you like them?

The Enlow web site in under overhaul right now: http://www.enlowgrips.com/store/

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I installed an Enlow grip on my Ping G10 driver. I'm not very good , but I have dropped 10 strokes since installing the grip. My slice has disappeared, and I'm hitting fairways for a change. I would recommend anyone with an open mind should try it. Best money I've spent in golf since I started. A couple of the guys I play with said that I'm crazy and that it would promote a slice, I think they have had a change of opinion after seeing the results. Just wonder how long it will take before they decide to jump on the band wagon

and start hitting more fairways with me.

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Huh!  I've never heard of that grip.  What is it about the grip that eliminates your slice?

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I wish I could tell you. Everyone said that it would make it worse, but I not only eliminated the slice, I gained distance. Maybe someone on here can explain my results.

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I have one of his grips, just haven't put it on a club yet.  I finally fixed my swing flaw(s) that were contributing to my slice and have pretty much all but cured it, i can call it a baby fade for now.  Wish I could give a better review of it, just haven't seen a reason to try it yet.

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I prefer reverse taper grips but the Enolw grips are huge in my opinion.  I mean even bigger than a jumbo grip with 5 or 6 wraps flipped upside down.  They really threw off the swingweight of the club also because they have to weight at least 90 grams.  I prefer the feel pro release grips because they are about the size of a midsize grip flipped upside down and they are just the perfect fit for my grip.

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    • I have old and new sets. I mostly play my Mizuno MP-67's - about 10 years old. My Miura MC102's - about 6 years old. My Pinc ISI BeNi's - about 20+ years old... sometimes my Eye 2 BeCu's as well and they are 25+ years old!  
    • Flighting, as @iacas pointed out, is another very good technique to take distance off of a full swing distance. I use the shorter backswing/shorter follow through method. Because I find it's simpler... I struggle with flighting. If I want to hit a lower shot, I take more club with less swing. I get what you mean by decelerating though with 3/4 swings. Sometimes it happens to me, and I bottom out too soon, and there you go chunky monkey. My swing thought for those of you who use the shorter swing method (primarily with wedges), is keep your downswing the same tempo as if you were hitting a full shot.  That's just my thought, remember I'm not a pro, and I surely don't claim to be.
    • It's his business what he does or doens't do.  You can encourage his interest, or just stay out of it. I'd absolutely decline the request to teach him and just tell him if he's going to do this, he should get lessons. as for the other thing, he wants to bond with you on this.....I'd just say you like playing 'good' golf with players of similar skills.  So if he wants this hobby to turn into a 'bro' thing, he has to take lessons and get nice gear and be good enough to enjoy the same course difficulty you do.  And you're happy to wait for that, but shouldn't plan to play a lot with you until then. It's not your business what he does it is your business if he wants to do this to be buds with (but only that aspect) It's a HARD transition to go from work focus to retirement - this might be a great thing for this guy
    • School play grounds, when empty of people, and is allowed is a good place to get distances. Myself, I use a dry lake bed  get my carry distances. Roll out after the carry is at the mercy of the course conditions. Uphill, down hill, flat, fast, or slow.  After a while, the golfer, from previous expirience, will know what club to pull for the shot at hand. He may not know the actual distance, but will know which club to use.  I have a personal, mental quirk when it comes to distances. If I see a 7i, full swing distance, I pull a 6i. I always take one extra club to allow for my not so perfect club/ball contact. This has served me quite well over the years. 
    • Nice!!!  I did that with a set of Pings.  Found an Old leather Ping bag from the 80's, added in a whole set of steel eye 2's (2 - SW), found a 1,3 & 5 eye 2 woods and then after tons of searching, found an eye 2 putter.  A complete era correct eye 2 set!  Hangs on the wall in my golf room.  Took it out once to play and had some old school fun that day.
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