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RAC OS's vs Rocketbladez......

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Hi everybody,

Yesterday I spent a couple hours at my local Club Champion golf fitter hitting the new TM Rocketbladez. Hitting both versions, the Tours and the regulars, I came to a conclusion that, quite frankly, I don't know how to take. I'll admit, I've been intrigued by all the hype following these irons. I'm not the greatest golfer around (I play to a 16) so I thought that just maybe these irons would help give me that extra edge this season.

Well, after hitting both versions along side my trusty old TM RAC OS's as a standard, I discovered that my current irons outperform the new TM's! I routinely got 5-7mph more ball speed and nearly 10yrds more with my RACs than I did with either Rocketbladez. My dispersion was tighter as well.  Now just so you know, all balls were hit using 6irons and measured using a Trackman. I was fitted last year for all my clubs at the same facility. My iron shafts are the KBS Tours Regular flex 110g D4 swingweight. I hit the Rocketbladez with my exact shaft. So the only variable was the head.

My fitter wasn't surprised. He's a huge fan of the old RAC OS's and was confident that by the end of the day, I wouldn't be walking out with new TM's. Just to help solidify to me what the Trackman was showing, he proceeded to hit all 3 clubs. He hits the ball farther than I do, but his numbers were consistent with mine. (RACS being longer and more consistent than the RBZ) Him having similar results confirmed it.

So what say you? I was completely prepared to be "blown away" by the hype and yet I wasn't. I was surprised that my 12year old irons out performed both versions. I now have no desire to switch out equipment. I walked out of there completely confident that I'm still playing the best equipment I can for my current abilities.

I left all my clubs behind for fresh grips and plan to spend the $900 I saved on more lessons!


Chicago, Il

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I play the old LT 2005 irons and went through the exact same thing a few months ago.  Went to a fitting for my current clubs and just for fun we tried a few of the current lineup.  I hit my LT's better then any of them and the fitter agreed I should just stick to my current set.

As a side note the OS's were my first set and I loved them. I purchased a used set of LT's just to try out and the slimmer top lines really fit my eye.  I was able to hit them just as well as the OS's so I stuck with them.

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